Pagani claims new Nürburgring record

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  1. "And British firm Radical has since managed to send one of its cars round in under seven seconds."

    Laugh...that's bloody quick!
  2. Since when Sport Auto is the only official source for Nurburgring lap records?
  3. since they present the sport auto Trophy to the fastest production car at the Ring!

  4. The S.A. Trophy is not the only source as the Guinness Book of Records isn't for the fastest production car.
  5. so, what car is on top of that Guinness list?
    do they care about Nurburgring lap times?
  6. Right now is the Koenigsegg CCR.
    The Guinnes Book is accurated as the S.A. Nurburgring laps list.
  7. CCR?


    maybe Nardo but not the Ring!

    only the highest top speed ever achieved by sport auto at Doettinger Höhe but not faster than the CGT, Zonda F, 997 GT2, Nisan GT-R, Donkervoort or Radical
  8. Awesome, take that Nissan. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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    evo was granted exclusive access to the record-breaking lap, and
    you can read the full story, together with our own unique tribute to Fangio’s legendary race win, in next month’s issue.

    View the video:
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    What video??
  11. Just wait and see...
  12. I want to see the In-car vid !!
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    How about a direct link?
  15. Auto Zeitung now has an article about that record, it says that the car was prepared by the Black Falcon team and fitted with Pirelli P Zero stret-tyres, no semi slicks. Driver Marc Basseng is cited that he could have done even quicker but due to some problems with fuel wan´t able to complete another flying and timed lap.
  16. Ok.
    So the Zonda F Clubsport is not a standard production car, just a limited edition. Wow, excellent.
    And the only good source is Sport Auto. Wow, another pearl of wisdom.

    The Zonda C12 F comes with a standard power of 602 HP, customers can also decide to upgrade the engine to 650 HP, and this is the so-called "Clubsport" version.
    Just for your information, ALL the Zonda Fs are Clubsport.
    There was just one which had the standard power (#76051, italian plates DA307CD, #1 of 25, the car which was used in the Top Gear Powerlap, which gave 1/2 second to the MC12, with only 602 HP), then it went under a Clubsport upgrade.

    Preparation of the car for the Ring: 95% of he work has been done inside the Pagani atelier, checking the right setup and so on. I don't care about this Black Falcon team, but the car was 100% standard.

    Sport Auto: who cares about their trophy? So IF Sport Auto says that some car is the fastest on the Ring, it means that their words are law? Are they the Holy Bible?
    Please... Horacio doesn't need any trophy. He already produces it...
    Or are you still angry for those 2/10ths of a second?

    If so... Don't worry. It's not over. This time the improvement was little?

    You want more? You'll have MORE!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  17. Under seven seconds!!! HOLY SHIT!!
  18. the Zonda is THE car, lots or respect to Horacio Pagani et. al., for taking on the established marques, and making one hell of a car. still have not ever seen one in person, I heard there is one in Toronto where I live, but I don't know for sure, it is the thing car dreams are made for
  19. according to Autozeitung Powercars, Marc Bassenq was supposed to do 2 fyling laps with the Pagani at the Ring. But tro make it a bit lighter, the mechanics pumped out some fuel, too much and so he ran out of it afte tthe 1st lap. LOL
  20. True story is: in the second lap the car was even 4 seconds faster than the previous one (7:27:82), but Marc ran out of fuel. And yes, because they pumped out some fuel. Enough for one lap, but not enough for 2.
  21. ahahahaha
  22. I tried to warn you
  23. heh heh

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