Pagani Huayra vs Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

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  2. Seems more like a couple of guys having fun, good video.
  3. awesome vid, thanks for sharing. yah the midengine setup of the pagani definitely gives it an advantage under braking and corner exit. im not sure if the porsche 918 will be much better than either performancewise, it doesnt seem to be a high downforce car like the p1 to give it any particular advantage, or did i miss something?
  4. The 918 isn't ultra high downforce, but I think it will have benefits to the electric AWD and chassis tuning. The weight and lack of downforce will definitely mean it is slower than the F70 and especially the P1, but it should be faster than the Huayra. I've seen other vids of the Huayra on the track and it also seemed to be setup for understeer, strangely enough. I think they are trying to reduce early throttle oversteer, but it just results in delaying the throttle opening timing on corner exit.

    The 918 won't have any issues with understeer due to their system with the electric motors.
    Considering the MP4-12C is only a tenth slower than the Huayra from Evo's comparison, I expect the P1 to be at least a couple of seconds faster
  5. i guess time will tell, but from what i can gather the 918 will have similar, if not worse power to weight ratio to the pagani due to its 1700kg kerb weight. the huayra is definitely not built with the same philosophy as the zonda, as horatio himself mentioned in the drive channel interview so ur right, its chassis tuning is more aimed at ease of access to the performance rather than squeezing the last bit of performance. im willing to bet theres gonna be another 345345345 iterations of the new pagani to reach higher performance.

    the p1 and f70 will destroy everyhing but caparos and such. what makes the 918 a beast is being hybrid, offering 12L/100km with ENGINE ALONE, that being a 9krpm 580hp 5liter v8, and economy car mileage with the hybrid drivetrain enabled. the point of the 918 is efficient performane rather than all out performance. theyre developing their hybrid systems and paying with the costs by selling this car, so later on the tech can be transferred to 911s and whatever.

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