Pagani Huayra

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Tipo F130A, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Calling the the M120 shit lol

    Terrible troll is terrible
  2. Anything not made by koenigsegg is shit in your own little world that consists of a garage and a bathroom in your parents' house.
  3. this is #$%#ing horrible


    i dont get how some people think it looks good

    Ferrari FF is better looking than this by a large factor
  4. ging's expression when he saw this car.
  5. Not pretty and will drive Zonda prices up.

  6. PandaBeat's expression when he saw this car.
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  8. Really not a fan of the front or the rear. I'm pretty sure there is a reason why it looks like this though but still...

    Not a fan at this point. Orange Zonda F please.
  9. I had both hands on my penis.

    Ok, ok, only one is enough.
  11. the side scoops of the Agera look like the Joitto Caspita and Helem PRV V6. I wouldnt be so quick to call another car derivative.
  12. I like the rear, the front end looks kinka goofy. Overall reminds me of a Koenigsegg.
  13. I kinda feel like no matter how great this new car may be, it'll fail on a few levels that the Zonda was incredible for. It will just increase the value and desirability of Zondas if you ask me.
  14. Zonda 43V3R
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  16. UM it looks like a koenigsegg
  17. not terrible, but looks kinda like its been stung by a bee. Proportions are quite odd.
  19. I think it needs a chin spoiler to offset the fish grill.
  20. Looks like this.
  21. Huayra pronounced in Finnish means Whore. As in prostite if that got cencored.

    Not trolling, I love Pagani, cant wait to hear how that thing moves.
  22. What is that?
  23. Dont like the looks <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> a real shame...
    Maybe I should wait for some proper pics to make a final judgement.
    Can't wait to read how it drives though.
  24. The side mirrors look stupid, like how the old Japanese cars had their mirrors half way down the front of the car.

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