Pagani rips the lid off its Cinque...

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by nick11, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Let's just agree that all Zonda's are hot. So long as they don't make a bloated four passenger model as their next car (like Koneseg), it'll probably be hot too.
  2. the c12s was beautiful. the f and especially this are overdone. not digging it.
  3. IMO, each Zonda and Veyron should be one-off.
  4. imo this thing costs way too much for what you get
  5. Have you heard what a Zonda F Clubsport sounds like compared to a CCXR?
  6. The F Clubsport sounds nice and all but it's just not loud or brutal enough for me
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    That is a fully SICK sound
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  10. Trolling down the river.
  11. Fast and Furious.

    I just imagine the sound from the cockpit, while driving around Como...
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    That does sound good, but from the vids I've seen and articles read a K'segg could produce those decibel levels at half the throttle and make little children cry in fear.
  13. get real pal, a NA 7 litre V12 is always going to outtrump a sub 5 litre super V8 in the sound department
  14. cheers, i think i'll stick with my ghetto paint thingy though
  15. He's never real. The 'egg has to be the best car at absolutely every level.
  17. haha, I love that drawing
  18. As gorgeous as it looks, I was hoping for an entirely new model.
  19. This was never meant to replace the Zonda, it was a specially commissioned model. The full replacement is still coming.
  20. i can agree to this
  21. Definetely love it ... Actually the zonda is one of the cars I'd love to have in my garage, but Pagani needs to build a completly new car ... even tought this car is SICK and MEAN...
  22. More 'seggs, drugs, rock 'n roll, and Paganis I say. Someday you're going to miss them when they're gone.
  23. Probably the coolest car in the world at the moment....
  24. I have no problem with there being more Paganis and Koenigseggs. I have a problem with the double standards that members exhibit here. More Paganis is a good thing, while more Koenigseggs is crapomggaysegg lozlzxool!

    They are all incredible cars.
  25. I think that has more to do with the new Zondas appearing as the sexy new iteration but not the greatest amount of fanfare whereas the K'segg comes along with soz bout the last one, this one will definitely to 500km/h. we gave 800bhp this time so we can talk more bullshit about what our car can do.

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