Pagani Zonda C9 Mule caught testing in US

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    Things are progressing nicely with the development on the replacement Pagani Zonda, known internally as the C9, and the test mule is now over in the US as part of its ongoing durability trials. Don’t be fooled by the Zonda like looks in these photos though, as this is just the running prototype that uses modified Zonda bodywork to hide the new running gear. The C9 will introduce an all new look for Pagani and is being kept closely under wraps. The engine in the C9 is expected to be an all new twin turbo V12, based on the unit destined for the SL65 black but will be unique to Pagani, packing even more horsepower than the 650bhp Mercedes have announced for the SL65 Black. While the gearbox is an all new sequential unit co-developed with ZF.

    As Mercedes will be supplying the engine for the new car, Pagani has been utilising some of Mercedes worldwide test facilities (including those in the US) as the C9 is the first Pagani designed to be a world car. When the finished production car is finally revealed at the Geneva show in March 2010, production at a new facility in Modena will start straight away and some of the first cars are already destined to be delivered to the US. In the meantime we’ve got the track-only Zonda R to look forward to later this year and the five special Zonda Cinque being built as a celebration of the great Pagani Zonda. When the new car finally arrives expect it to be priced somewhere between the Zonda F and Veyron (so around the £750,000 mark) and be blisteringly quick but with the fantastic, delicate feel of the current Zonda. Can’t wait.
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    Here is a short video, don't know the location, doesn't look like US.

  3. Probably the most expensive test mule bodywork ever. I really like those intakes on the rear fenders, they remind me of the F430. Also, according to EVO's drive of the Cinque, the single clutch paddleshift transmission was the only let-down, with abrupt shifts that had to be planned in advance. Catchpole said it seemed like a last generation system. I don't think that one was made by ZF though.
  4. can't wait to see this thing. I know at least 3 people who might want one.
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    Also quietest Pagani I've heard so far, not that it was really being pushed.
  6. that'll be the turbos muting the engine somewhat
  7. Yeah I could definitely hear the turbos, but it will still sound good.
  8. not as good as the c12.

    aurally: NA > FI
  9. The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren disagrees with you
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    That's true in a lot of cases, but not always.

  11. i can name at least 50 who might want one
  12. another zonda...........................
  13. it's all new

    current one is called C12, this is C9. different cars
  14. Correct, and it only looks like that because it's a testmule.
  15. generally though, i am correct.
  16. yeah i'm just being a cock. lol
  17. I have a hard time believing this car will be able to live up to the epic bar the Zonda has set. Even if it's faster and performs better in every way, I just can't believe it'll be as exciting/aurally visceral/passionate. It becoming a world car will be part of that reason as they have a lot more regulations to pass now, and the TTV12 sounds like a snoozefest from the couple videos online so far.
  18. i hope they come up with a new design. im getting bored with the old design.
  19. The Pagani Zonda F disagrees with you.
  20. those 3 also have the money to buy one.
  21. Among all the sportscars built in the past decade, the Zonda F probably makes the best sound amonga all of them.

    It's going to be hard to make another car that would sound this good.
  22. there's three high revving V10s that sound amazing as well
  23. I think the LP670 is on the same level sound wise.
  24. SLR sounds awesome, but in a different way compared with NA cars like Carrera GT and Enzo.

    If the C9 sounds as good as SLR, it will be good enough.
  25. That is what I hate about TT cars.

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