Pagani Zonda HH

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  1. any info on this?
  2. Pagani are just spamming us with zondas now
  3. special unit "on demand", the customer is unknow.
    engine from Zonda Cinque 678ps, 780 Nm and 350 kph
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  5. YAY, a new zonda
  7. no, it's just an unique car, i like the way pagani makes cars, it's just that people gives too much attention like it is a new series.
  8. this is really not much different than a special edition Bugatti.
    These are one offs and not really going overboard. they are just special versions for specific customers given a name and identity.
  9. "The default choice, though, is to use the newest of everything. So center-lock wheels, the new F1-based ceramic coated titanium exhaust system (it's stunning, same system as you can see on the Zonda R), carbon-ceramic brakes, the carbon-titanium tub (only road car in the world using that, it's about 30% lighter than carbon-fiber and even stronger), and of course the new 680 hp AMG V12."

    + It will have a manual.

    Special enough for me.
  10. best supercar in the world
  11. Pagani seems to be the only manufacturer that gives their clients the opportunity to have exactly the car they want, to the smallest detail. That is the way super exotic cars should be built.
  12. I dont think anyone can complain about having more Zondas in the world, this is pinnacle type shit. The specs are impressive, anyone know if pagani lost any rigidity in the chassy going with the spyder/roadster option.
  13. pagani claims no loss is chassis rigidity.
  14. GT-R > Zonda
  15. I don't understand people complaining about real custom made supercars.

    This is no Gallardo vuiton edition for #$%# sake
  16. I like that they're doing bespoke zondas.
  17. Never heard of a carbon titanium tub before, im wondering about the benefits, even F1 cars use carbon/aluminium honeycomb in their construction. It seems strange that pagani are the only ones using it.
  18. Looks like an open top version of the Tricolore, and it's awesome.
  19. they're the only ones using it because they're the ones that came up with the idea.

    I like that the last run of Zondas seems to all be perpose built one offs. so far each one is better than the last.
  20. I wonder if they will keep making special Zondas like this one after the C9 comes out.
  21. Yes, but with the use of exotic materials in F1 you would think that if there were any benefits with using titanium in the tub, they would use it too.
  22. they do have a minimum weight to hit. the cars are already too light and need to pick up about 3-5 kilos of stuff on the tyres to make weight.
  23. They can make me one. This thing is hot shit.
  24. They better keep on doing those because when I'll get rich I WILL GET ONE.


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