Pagani Zonda R

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    Goodwood 2009

    For many years the 'Sunday Times Supercar Run' has been an integral part of the Festival of Speed and this year the batch of modern cars was further expanded with the 'First Glance' and 'FOS-Tech' classes. As the name suggests, the Supercar Run features all sorts of exotic machinery that can usually only be admired from a distance.
    Providing both a visual and aural spectacle was the Pagani Zonda R with its wild body-kit and howling V12 engine. Apparently only two will be built and it is priced at a modest 1.5 million euro's before taxes.

    Because I'm so in love with this car since I've seen it, here are some pictures and a movieclip from Goodwood 2009

    (1st picture not mine)
    2nd picture was hard to get a 'clean' shot, it was very crowded.
    3rd picture of the engine, it was filled with heath sensor stickers to make sure nothing was overheating..
  2. That is one of the meanest sounding V12s ever
  3. awesome sound
  4. Good god that sounds amazing!!!!!
  5. If theres a sound guaranteed to give an elderly person a heart attack, that's it.
  6. haha, this and perhaps the Ferrari FXX.
  7. rawest car ever
  8. driving this car could turn a gay man straight
  9. really?
  10. prolly, be the first to try
  11. hes talking from experience, i think he knows
  12. My fav car hands down.
  13. driving this car would make me grab a mans b oner
  14. gettin one
  15. grabbin one
  16. i need to clean the computer screen
  17. "3rd picture of the engine, it was filled with heath sensor stickers to make sure nothing was overheating"

    tell me more about this
  18. hahaha
  19. Adrian's?
  20. My I5 sounds better
  21. this is the dumbest post i've ever read
  22. i lold
  23. this car will never be outdated
  24. sounds like it might just kill you

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