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  1. so it would be cool to see if anybody had some skills in Paint?

    simple rules: The car has to be made only by using MS paint. No other programs.

    Let's see them and we will have a vote off later.
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  4. Duuuuuh, I thought it was a fog light. My bad.
  5. i win uleh
  6. why isn't my image showing?
  7. make sure it's a jpg in RGB color format
  8. let's try that again.
  9. props for the gunmen and gunmen with props.
  10. I present: "Pwnin' while bonin'" and "Chevy hide & seek".
  11. Lmfao! im gonna vote for "Chevy hide & seek".
  12. flawless victory.
  13. I lost all my pix due to shitty HD. I have to draw new ones.
  14. It's a mspaint-monster. I was being bored. No i was'nt drunk.
  15. Did i forget to mention, that we are looking for CAR pics? But "Chevy hide and seek" looks like a winner to me by now!
  16. Wow, those guns must shoot 200 bullets per second, at least!
  17. that's pretty cool/original

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