Pakistani and American Troops Exchange Fire

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ron Simmons, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. 1. You forget there is a major difference between national policy and what that individual pilot wanted to do. Maybe there were extenuating circumstances, maybe it was purely accidental, maybe it WAS to taunt the Pakis. We don't know. We could look into it but it will all get clouded by disinformation and bullshit anyway.

    2. We're not allies in any way? I wonder where they got their F-16s and C-130s.

    3. Yes, that's the cool part of living across the god-damned ocean. If they were doing operations in Canada and Mexico and did something similar, they would be treatedly exactly the same as they did to us.

    4. Who says I'm white? "Bigot".
  2. the military usually lets dudes take helicopters out and harass other countries.
  3. I agree that the whole subject is most likely clouded by misinformation. The US has sold weapons to allies and enemies alike, this is nothing new. Traditionally we have had good relations with Pakistan, but those days are over. Maybe you arent white, but you sure as hell are whitewashed.
  4. Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to chaste those who have helped you in the pas, my friend. You remember the earthquake in 2005? I believe that it was basically because of USaid/US military that Pakistan was able to get help. So just chill the **** out, dude.
  5. Theres not a doubt in my mind that thousands have perished from pilot cowboys poking in the dark.
  6. Enemies? Since when do we sell Block52/Block60 F16s to enemies?
    The days of selling things to enemies never existed, they were friendlies who changed alliances for one reason or another. Iran, Afghanistan, Japan pre-war, etc.
  7. Uhm, US troops in the border region are often operating on Pakistani ground, that's actually no secret anymore :) By Pakistani law it's an autonomous Pashtoon region but still pakistani terretory. The reason why US troops violate the border is because they're not satisfied with Pakistans anti terror fight in this region.
  8. Some of our weapons have reached enemy hands through illegal arms trading through our allies and enemies.
  9. Oh I didn't know you were the book-keeper for all US arms sales since WWII. But yeah, you've convinced me that we've never put a weapon in the hands of an enemy, an oppressor, or the impoverished,
  10. No, dipshit, we were accused of flying into their air space. Do you understand the difference between an accusation and facts? Apparently not. If the borders are incorrect? Are you saying that the people controlling global positioning satellites change undisputed borders for no reason other than lulz? We didn't fly over any bases, the Pakis aren't even claiming the story.

    Paki soldiers are supposed to be controlled by paki leaders. If they are acting against the will of their supreme commander then they deserve to eat a hellfire. If you think we don't have any sort of relationship with their leadership then you're skull is thicker than a rock. If their leadership is becoming hostile then I'm all for shooting first in these situations. Simple enough for you?

    LOL, right. You didn't have any credibility to begin with, but this statement really reinforces how disconnected you are with reality.

    I'm walking down the sidewalk in front of your house and you open fire, you're a dead man. Understand the difference?

    No one knows who was really right, these are all just accusations. I'm taking the American side because any sort of logic sides with them on this one. You're taking the Paki side because you're a terrorist or something. Why don't you tell us what leads you to believe their side of the story over ours, other than your horrible bias.

    That's some M3ATW logic there, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a calculator.
  11. And I can buy an M67 in Oakland for a couple hundred bucks. You don't buy state of the art aircraft off the black market, brand new from General Dynamics.
  12. You misunderstood me, dude. I meant small arms not so much crafts of any sorts.
  13. Black market trade of entire aircraft is pretty nonexistent.
  14. Definitely.

    Wanna buy some M67s?
  15. D'uh, who wouldn't?
  16. shut up military nerds, I buy F16s all the time
  17. This has never been a secret and was sometimes done with their permission. What's new is them shooting at helicopters. Being an autonomous region doesn't matter, it's still sovereign Pakistani territory and they are responsible for the actions of troops within.
  18. "I'm walking down the sidewalk in front of your house and you open fire, you're a dead man. Understand the difference?"
    what an idiotic, and unnecessary statement. to rebut and extend:
    If i ever see you, no matter the setting, run for your life. I'll probably use my bare hands, knuckle breaking facial bones is rewarding enough in itself. No need for guns, just enough mutilation so you live the rest of your skewed white supremist life a deformed beast.

    I never said that we weren't allies, but this alliance has heavily deteriorated over the last few years, so I'm not sure of what reality I'm disconnected from. 2004?

    And I think you are smart enough to understand that popular opinion =/= governmental alliance. or maybe you arent..
  19. Walking down the street and I get shot at? I throw some M67s. OAKLAND SON.
  20. Ahh man, where do you get yours? I usually get mine off allahslist.fu.
  21. Ahh man, where do you get yours? I usually get mine off allahslist.fu.
  22. ah ok, cause this part "the Americans are the ones with GPS units showing where the hell the border is." sounded like you may not know
  23. I hope this shit gets resolved though, there is nothing to gain and everything to lose in a war with another nuclear power like pakistan. They dont exactly look like pushovers when it comes down to it.
  24. I got mine from Fast Man in Oakland for a couple hundred bucks
  25. Dude, your chair is wobbling on its last leg, just let it go before you fall over.

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