Pakistani and American Troops Exchange Fire

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ron Simmons, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. "If i ever see you, no matter the setting, run for your life. I'll probably use my bare hands, knuckle breaking facial bones is rewarding enough in itself. No need for guns, just enough mutilation so you live the rest of your skewed white supremist life a deformed beast."

    Being tough over the internet is the way to go, am I right?
  2. shut the #$%# up, do you understand how bad I will wreck you?
  3. While you're trying you lecture us on Pakistani culture, you might want to note that "Paki" is a derogatory term and considered very offensive. Not that you care, I just think it's ironic.

  4. Time to free the shit out of Pakistan.
  5. "these probably are a bunch of hotshots with no one commanding them"

    That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. No one commanding them? Do you know what my role is right now? I work in Operations at the Brigade Tactical Operations Center. Even with field artillary you can't even fart without consent, and arial assets are even more tightly controlled.
  6. In fact nobody can buy brand new F-16s from General Dynamics, because General Dynamics does not make them anymore.
  8. Perfectly necessary because you can't understand the difference between a border and being deep inside a country.

    Why would I run? I know a coward when I talk to one, and you're it. Am I supposed to be scared when you talk about how you'd like to beat me up? I'm not worried that you would carry out any of these threats if we crossed paths. Shitheels like you don't do anything until the odds are 10:1. Also, religion of peace LOL.

    Yeah, you're disconnected, unless you're part of some super islamic league that passes you information that the US gov't doesn't get. What individuals think and do =/= what governments do. Pakistan is doing a balancing act.

    lol what, you're the one that can't understand that concept. What did they teach you in school, other than proper head sawing technique.
  9. Dunecoons should be happy the US and its allies dont get shit done like they did in WW2

    Time to free the shit out of M3ATW
  10. Remeber you paid for them to do this with your tax money you infidel american pigdog.
  13. I'm a pigdog yankee. Proud of it.

  14. so, i get the feeling if we didn't invade iraq, we'd probably be in Pakistan right now instead, kicking in doors because Pakistan won't do it.
  15. Pakistan has recently been hit by al-qaeda via the VBIED on a major hotel.

    Through US pressure they've been forced to step up their game on going after al-qaeda from within their own borders. That pressure is likely due to recent reports of US special operations crossing their borders "without permission"

    I put that in quotes because it's possible we have a behind closed doors nod. Pakistan is in a delicate spot between their relationship with us and the influece the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have in tribal regions.

    This recent incident (may) have been nothing but a show.
  16. Those god-damned ragheads hide out everywhere. Sorry for the racism. I remember the brief before we 'showed anti-terror techniques' to the Indonesian government. Stupid. They themselves were probably Al-Queida, or however it's spelled.
  17. but haven't they been saying ever sinec we went in there that the porous-ass border between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been a big issue with clamping down on things, and since places like Waziristan are basically autonomous that al qaida was just going in there and having a safe little area where Pakistan isn't doing anything?
  18. I haven't heard of Waziristan to be quite honest with you, but that's the gist of it.

    There's been two major problems in Afghanistan. Lack of resources because of the Iraq war, and al-Qaeda being safely out of reach in the mountains of Pakistan.

    And Pakistan has been making impotent attempts at best to do something about it.
  19. lol m3atw. The worst peoples
  20. We should force feed them pork.
  21. Pakistan has stepped up against Al-Qaeda and other wannabe terrorist outfits. The people up North have taken up arms against these extreme groups and are fighting them alongside Pakistani troops. Pakistan cannot afford to have any sympathy for these assholes and they know it. Pakistan is fighting them, they're getting attacked and so there are no more excuses to make.

    Pakistan is under attack right now, major alerts everywhere. The problem is that the people in these Northern regions aren't too fond of the US so the government has to show that they will prevent US incursions. This enables them to co-operate with the tribes and such like in rooting out foreign terrorist elements. Basically, the US isn't liked by quite a few Pakistanis (For reasons that would be too tedious to explain right now but I'm sure you all know of them). So yeah, this translates to the government having to play two fields at once.

    I think we'll see changes soon.

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