panamera interior

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by gallardo, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. dig it.
  2. considering how much porsche interiors suck, this looks pretty good
  3. Porsche, the car is supposed to SELL.
  4. haha what?
  6. many models had orrible interiors
  7. I can;t recall any, name some
  8. wow, awesome
  10. porsche has good interiors, its just they are boring and traditional and appealing to a bigger audience vs wild/creative/not appealing to as many people.
  11. now compare that with an american equivalent to make your arguement relevant
  12. why with an american, compare it to european cars
  13. That dashboard is how future was in 1987.
  14. That dashboard is how future was in 1987.
  15. You asked for a horrible Porsche interior, and he showed a picture of a horrible Porsche interior. That would be the definition of relevant.

    You on the other hand are brining up a totally irrelevant example.
  16. 2004 Porsche 911 GT2
  17. I am, I apologize

    its just that interior shot is from waay back when, and if you compare that from interiors of cars from the same period, its really not at all that bad, so I don;t know what you people mean by that being a bad interior...
  18. Porsche interiors do not suck
  19. shot of the hatchback opening if you open the picture
  20. For an early nineties car i think that's pretty good.

    I like it, maybe could look better in different color trim though.
  21. design wise ? they do

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