Panamera naked streetpics

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by bbpower, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. it's so ugly, they won't let him in lol
  2. bad colour to have an ugly car ... I want to like it sooo bad
  3. Looks like an anal sex addict.
  4. I kinda like it in the first three pics. It's not THAT bad
  5. the main problem with this car, especially at the back end, is that Porsche has been known for its subtle masterful surface designs. The back end could have easily been designed to flow more naturally between the roofline and the shoulderlines, like the very best Turbos of the past. Instead, they cheaped out and made it a hard shoulder line like a conventional car and totally ruined the entire flow. I think that is the premier problem with the design of this car.
  6. haha
  7. Okay, I will admit it looks pretty bad in that colour.
  8. i hate silver. it should be outlawed. no imagination.

    Also, it needs bigger wheels.
  9. I dig it! Bad wheels though
  10. They need big headroom in the back and a big trunk, so options are limited.

    I kinda like it actually.

    I wonder what it's doing in the Netherlands...
  11. The front should be lower, the wheels should be bigger, the tail should be longer and the colour should be changed. Other than that it looks pretty good.
  12. porsche suppository.
  13. I really had high hopes for this car...I didn't think it would look THAT bad.
  14. can�t wait to see one IRL
  15. I seriously can not believe how badly they #$%#ed this up.
  16. Rapide please
  17. M5 for me. especially if they're bump the power this year to 550.
  18. If I took a big shit and put a Porsche badge on the stinky turd you would still love it.
  19. i dont like it but i want to like it just cuz its a porsche
  20. looks like a sebring
  21. It's so epicly disgusting...
  22. They need to put the camo back on.
  23. OH. MY. GOD.

    That has to be ugliest car currently produced.

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