Panamera Turbo beats CTS-V ring time

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by lucky strike, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. I was actually planning on finishing that list but there are far too many items to bother.

    Just be safe in the knowledge that if you get a panamera you'll get a LOT more equipment "fully loaded" than in a CTS-V <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  2. CTS-V is ten times better looking.
  3. the porsche is more expensive than the caddy because it is better
  4. fact.
  5. It makes me sad how a car like this can be so mercilessly hideous.
  6. Better at looking ugly..the CTS-V is easy on the eyes, whereas the Panamera is like looking at Rosie O'Donnell with a muffin top. It's repulsive.
  7. Does a lot more equipment necessarily mean the car will be better for having all of it? I don't think it's always the case. For $200K, the Panamera should be MUCH better than the CTS-V, but I don't think the gap is anywhere near enough to warrant paying an additional $130,000!
    That's just my opinion though...
  8. There are not enough drive reports in yet to suggest that the Panamera is not worth the money. Porsche typically engineers into their cars a level of driver interaction you don't find in other marques. This is not easy to do, and you can't really put a $ amount on that. GM and Nissan can make cars that are faster, but they haven't nailed the subjective edge that Porsche has.
    For people who do like the extra equipment (and not yet mentioned are the AWD, 7-speed PDK, and aluminum body components), then the cost is worth it and the car is better for having it.
    On top of that, Porsche has traditionally positioned itself above that of Cadillac/BMW/MB/Audi/Jag. It doesn't always (or ever?) offer the best performance/dollar ratio. Also, the CTS is built on a modified version of an existing platform, which has seen development in other models and other nameplates in other countries. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Panamera has been built on its own platform. Right off the bat, that means it is playing catch-up in the price/performance category. It's a much more bespoke vehicle in that sense.
    Me personally, I'd take a manual CTS-V and spend the difference on a 993 Turbo, at this point. Short of driving these two personally, we'll have to await more reviews.
  9. It will grow on you !!!!
  10. i agree the porsche will have the same mystique that made porsche J.D POWER STUDY as the most appealing car company.
  11. 20 seconds slower? Notice any similarity in the press statements? Calling out the tires as the cause?

    It's tongue-in-cheek.
  12. if it wasnt so god dam ugly i might actually care i saw a new CTS V the other day and after hearing it i think ill buy that anyday over the panimara
  13. UGH

  14. keep telling yourself that lol
  15. Looks like a dildo, but I have no doubt that it's a better car than the CTS-V.
  16. cts-v is all slabby and angular like an old vauxall/opel vectra; not only is it ugly, but it is also plain and dated by comparison to the Panamera
  17. You say the cts-v looks old?
  18. okay now ging is being stupid. the cts v isnt ugly at all
  19. ugh
  20. I'm not fussed by N'ring times - least of all when they're made by midsized sedans full of ridiculous features that no one will ever use.
  21. Too bad it looks like pig vomit
  22. The fact that they're so fast around the Ring is probably less useful than the many features the cars come equipped with.

    None of us could come close to lapping any car as fast it's capable of going around the NRing, so it's just a fancy marketing tool more than anything. The gizmos and gadgets that com on the cars at least serve an actual purpose.
  23. So I like the looks of the Panamera. Either way, this whole 3 seconds faster for $xx,xxx argument is just stupid. I think we need to think of the whole package here. Try to drive a RR Phantom around the ring in under 10 minutes... It's much more expensive, so it must be a less good deal than a CTS-V, because, the CTS-V is much faster.
  24. At the same time, the Panamera is significantly more expensive than virtually all of its rivals (save for the upcoming Rapide) and I have a feeling it'll go down in history as a great car that never really caught on because it's rivals offer almost as much for MUCH less money.
  25. But by that logic we're supposed to drive Chinese/Korean cars because they're almost as good as a great car, yet a lot cheaper. Perhaps I just have too much faith in the Porsche marketing team, that didn't really let down anyone regarding sales since the 968 - though I'm sure someone will come in and correct me on that one.

    Sadly I missed the Top Gear episode that covered the Panamera and I didn't read much about its qualities either, so I can't really give any constructive argument as for why it's sold for as much as they sell it for.

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