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  1. Hey everybody. I haven't been on here in several years and curiosity brought me back for a browse (I'm surprised I still remember my password). Looks like there are a lot of people I still recognize, but where did PandaBeat go? He used to post everywhere, especially in pissing matches in the American Car forum. I used to really like reading his banter with 426Hemistage8. Also, looks like McLaren777 has been banned. He was a decently nice guy, but always seemed to get shat on haha.

    Alot of you probably don't really remember me. I think I was only a poster for a year or so, and never really made much of an impression.
  2. mc777 ended up going to jail for some reason

    hemistage hasn't gone to jail for some reason

    pandabeat got a job in panama but then got another job back in uruguay
  3. Hahaha robots cannot be convicted of crimes.
  4. if they violate the 3 laws they're simply deactivated.
  5. I remember your username, and your avatar made me think you were phanofmuzik

    mclaren777 wasn't a "decently nice guy". he was probably as insane as hemi
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    I remember you well. There was never a really cool offshoot site called www.superbars net and I never stopped posting here.

    I'LL BRB
  8. So I unbanned him a day early because I thought it was LATER here compared to my time, where it's the 12th, but some moron moved west #$%#ing samoa to a day earlier or something. This drives me nuts. God dammit.
  9. For a monologue this isn't so bad yet, though
  10. What did amgrules get ban for
  11. Hmm maybe I only thought that because I was somewhat religious back then and admired his courage in defending his beliefs on here. Now that I've grown out of religion I'd probably have your viewpoint on him if he were still posting.

    Ninjedit: I have grown as a person a LOT since then. I was pretty naive and innocent when I first got on here.
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    I remember you too! So the offshoot that never happened was because V3 came out, right right?
  13. Nah, seriously. It's not just that he was religious. There are plenty of religious people on here.

    MC777 truly was insane. Some of the shIt that he said, ugh.

    And the craziest part is that he is a real person.
  14. Nice to see some past members back.
  15. Citing bananarama lyrics when told not to
  16. best reason for a ban ever
  17. he seems happy and stuff and that's good for him, but the word that springs to mind whenever he comes up in conversation here (which is all too often, I might add) is "deluded".
  18. That is why.
  20. hardly did any good defending religion
    I was never a huge fan of Christianity but I see it now in a way similar to the way I see Koenigseggs
  21. I remember Phizzle!
  22. I like this comparison.
  23. Just keep him banned for another week. Im enjoying it, its like having a vacation
  24. Haha
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    It's a lonely job but someone's gotta do it.

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