Discussion in '2006 Hamann 599 GTB Fiorano' started by killer filler, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Ok, corect me if im wrong, but the pictures that has given us to drool apon, the nose of the 599, looks alot like the front end of a Panoz. dont you agree? Yes? No?
  2. I agree, it reminds me of an Esperante, but still this car looks good in black.
  3. Only Americans: "It looks like a corvette" "No it looks like a Panoz" "No it looks like a....."

    Did it ever cross your mind that the Panoz and Corvette try to look like Ferrari? Ferrari as a manufacturer IS older after all.
  4. Ferrari certainly isn't older than Chevy.
  5. and im Canadian by the way...
  6. Ferrari older than Chevy LOL
  7. Hi people, please post in the main forums!
  8. No, it doesnt look like a panoz. American cars is much uglier.

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