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  1. A European car that had Ford V8, So it dosen't have V12 it still a cool car.
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    ya but its not a european car. the transmission is a 5-speed manual from ford, just like the one on the GT40. though the engine may seem weak and/or small, those are very easily tunable and great HP is achievable.
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    I'l say it again its an italian car !!
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    Italian car with American parts in it. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Pantera is a heavy metal band from Texas....oh wait, you mean the car? hey, at least it's heart is American! pretty sweet cars, actually..
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    It was a joint venture between ford and detomoso. It was sold in the US but didn't have many sales most likely due to the fact that it was sold at Lincoln and Mercury dealers right along with cars that were aimed at retired people.
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    the car has enough power doesnt need a v 12 and its not a ford trans you dumb ass and ford didnt make the trans in the gt40 either its a ZF in the pantera 5 speed or the updated to a 6 speed which is hard to come by the only made a few for the pantera in 2001

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