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  1. I read in another thread something about selling your truck. Are actually still wanting to sell it? Or have you since buying the white one? And you are in Edmonton right?
  2. I've been thinking of selling it. Never really listed it for sale yet, but if someone wants to buy it I'd sell it. Actually tempted to sell the white instead and I did have the white one listed for a couple days. Someone wanted to trade me an 08 Audi RS4 for it, but I like low cost/maintenance vehciles.

    The red one is a 2006 GMC Canyon. 176,000kms roughly on it. Maintenance wise I changed almost everything on it, Ujoints, fluids, had the diffs serviced, cv axles, balljoints, inner axle bearings, seals, transfar case seals, handbrake cables, rear drums, shocks etc.

    With the new toolbox, front runner load bar kit, ARB roof top tent, custom light bar rack and new tires I'd like $10k. I can drop the price to $8k if you didn't want the front runner load bar kit and tent. I have the metal bumper and stock bumper to go with it.

    Still living in Edmonton.
  3. I am trying to decide what to do. I either need to trade my genesis in on something a little more winter friendly. Or add a third vehicle to the lineup and park the car during winter.
    I just bought a new truck so I am not 100% on whether I want another or an SUV.

    That being said I always liked your rig. And I work in Fort mac. So I wouldn't have to switch it to BC.
    If I can ever make my mind up and you still have it I will let you know. I just noticed a comment you made in another thread from back in July and thought I'd ask what the deal is.

  4. Yeah just let me know whatever you decide. The truck is insured, and registered still but parked north of Edmonton at my dads storage yard about 60kms north of Smoky Lake.

    This is how it sits right now, and if you wanted it $8k. Running 33x12.50R15 Duratracs with some Pro Comp Steel wheels (brand new with matching spare). Comes with no light bars. Has the toolbox still, and metal bumper plus stock bumper. I ripped the rear seats out to make room for my fridge, but I still got them.

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  5. Still working in the Mac or did they shut everything down (Provincial government/Fires)

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