Paollo Garella. Creators of the Brunei special projects

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  1. Found this site detailing a bunch of the Sultans project cars that were created by Pininfarina.
    It even has some great development pictures of the projects including the super rare Jaguar Pininfarina!

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  2. It's hard to enjoy the SoB's collection when it's so elusive and personalized. The not to mention he never ever let's one go. when he starts selling some cars, that's gonna be months and months of amazing pics and news. Like 100 barrett jacksons back to back.
  3. There was an Italian billionaire tax dodger who had all his assets sold by Sotheby's last year, was a ridiculous amount of cars and racing boats and stuff and it was only about a tenth of what's in/was in Brunei and it raised 55 million dollars.

    Just imagine what they could do in Brunei.

    Problem is, it's possibly the hugest black mark of all black marks in the history of a country so heavily influenced by religion. As a result of Jefri and the Sultan going mental committing all the deadly sins, their extremely conservative brother took the reigns behind the scenes and now Brunei is under Sharia Law.

    You'd think they'd want the influx of cash and tourism but it's all about the excesses and they definitely don't want to remind people of that.
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  4. Most of the collection is rotting away, undriven
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  5. Yeah. This is sad to think about but most likely the case. Who was our resident Brunei know-it-all? Pinin? MiniMagic?
  6. basman007/Sebas
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