Paris Attacks

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  1. ugh
  2. Don't take that the wrong way please, just stating stranger things have happened.
  3. Islamic terrorism has been a thing well before the soviet collapse. We (the west) may have our own racists/neo nazis etc but the Arab world has its own, too. Organisations like NATO may have indeed been eager to find new threats or risks in the 90s to justify their labour/budgets. That being said, I'm pro-NATO and should def not be disbanded; that's another extreme IMO and you should be very skeptical of such 'solutions' and the people recommending them. Even the 'industrial military complex' - which has a lot of corruption scandals in its rolodex, usually 'money under the table' schemes - is needed. Just in case.

    Conspiracies and fake provocations have existed since the dawn of nation states, royal families willing to expand their lands/influences and so on. Nothing is actually that 'sexy' and perfectly orchestrated IRL. For actual conspiracy stories just look at the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by Serbian nationalists which commenced WWI. That thing almost failed entirely and succeeded only due to errors by Ferdinand's security and himself. For fake provocations look at how the nazis decided to invade Poland. There's nothing sexy about real conspiracies and anyone trying to convince about things like 9/11 is just a total tool or has his own agenda, usually both.

    Sorry for the off-topic. True tragedy in France <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  4. And what a nice little war Team America got out of that one. Truly one of the finest moments in the history of the United States.

    Why are there no Vietnamese trrists? I'd be rather pissed if someone napalmed my kids and would consider setting the White House on fire.

    Maybe they are just nice people.
  5. how long til we talk about the moon landings being a hoax
  6. Their boats don't go as far.

    But srs, I'm thinking probably due to the fact terrorist do it in the name of religion. Religious fanatics aren't very rational. Honestly, after all the shit they've done to Russia, I'm shocked Putin hasn't razed most of their sand huts.
  7. Really? I said nothing about this attack or the 9/11 attack being a hoax now did I? Just an epic failure in intelligence that was so blatantly obvious and after the fact, came out on public record.

    I didn't know it was a crime to talk about foreign policy and what the CIA calls blowback; everyone has a right to share their opinions. Don't be so morally obtuse. Thank you.
  8. Exactly my point, the military industrial complex and the medical industrial complex literally made trillions in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars.

    The goal of the Vietnamese was to get the US out of their land. They succeeded. The US left and don't have any bases on their land anymore. The US now trades goods with Vietnam. There is no need for reprisal since their goal is achieved. The US still has many military bases all over the mid-east including the holy land aka the Arabian peninsula including active theaters in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Northern Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia.
  9. Who killed Kennedy
  10. Antipimpage has a very fair point about the military industrial complex. Whenever you question who's primarily responsible for the current state of global power politics, your first suspicious glance should always be cast at those who are benefiting the most. In this case it is undoubtedly the weapons industry. They get to sell to everyone. To the US military and its allies. To the dictatorial powers in the Middle East (via whom the weapons end up in the hands of the terrorists as they sell to the black market). And to the militia groups such as the Kurdish Peshmerga who, right now, are nominally our allies but give it 10 years and we could easily be fighting them too (it already happened with the Taliban who were our 'freedom fighters' in the 80s.

    The weapons industry benefits at every turn by perpetuating conflict and yet you guys deem it batshit crazy to question them? Get real dude.
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    I really don't understand the rationale behind adding any more weapons to the cluster#$%# that is the Iraq-Syria&co. One would think that a nation like the United States with its resources were able to distinguish between crappy allies and reliable ones. Maybe establish a rule of thumb that when the number of belligerents is over 30, do not participate in the conflict?

    Has everyone at RAND been really high on drugs for the past few years? Why then does it make sense to give weapons and training to kurds while a NATO member is bombing these very same kurds and elsewhere kurdish extremist organizations are popping up (like Rawti Shax)?

    Weapons have a way of changing owners. They function area long after a conflict has ended. In the Afghanistan War (2001-) Taliban combatants were encountered with German WW2 weapons probably left behind in Caucasus.

    I wouldn't be surprised if more than a few corrupt Iraqi Army officials sold US-sourced weapons to the highest bidder. Then there's the fact that the Iraqi Army isn't the most motivated fighting force on earth. Soldiers leave their positions, abandon their equipment or simply switch sides.

    US taxpayers must be really happy supplying ISIS with Humvees:
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    The rationale is simple: profit. Remember, I'm talking about the weapons industry specifically. Perpetuating conflict is the backbone of their business model, it is literally their bread and butter.
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    just looking up that rawti shax, they look like they are isis supporting kurds that were affiliated with ansar al islam. i guess it speaks to the whole issue that makes the middle east so effed up. isis supporting kurds seems a misnomer given the kurds are right on the front line of the battle with isis. even within a distinct ethnic group, that largely are islamic but not all, they still have knuckleheads that will put their faith before even their own people even though they still group themselves as kurdish.
  14. Let me rephrase:

    I don't understand why the American public likes to get drilled and jizzed in the ass and face like public cum guzzling sluts.

  15. As long as we (the American public) have our iphones, pintrest, American Idol season 56#, NFL football, and whole foods.... we don't give two flying #$%#s about anything else.
  16. so long as life is still good in america (and it is) than it will continue
  17. Remember when Europe had people that were actually willing to do something about this problem?

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  19. Well now they are threatening to attack Paris again as well as the White House. Personally I believe it is just a scare tactic since the real attacks usually occur without any notice.
  20. Hello MikePhillips81
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