Paris&Lemans 2007 - If all goes well

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  1. So Ill open a pictures thread early, as Im not that familiar in traveling and more to the point in photoshooting races.

    Im going to Paris in a couple of weeks, then to Lemans. I will take my Nikon + 18-135mm kit lens + tripod with me. I got the camera only this spring and therefore am a complete noob in using it. Will take any advice you guys have to give on both traveling to France and taking nice pics.

    Im currently pondering whether Ill need more zoom, since that 135mm really only gives ~30m of distance to an object size of a car to fill a frame.

    Apparently I get to see Mulsanne corner and Arnage with my entrance ticket. Assuming theres space... They seem like good spots even for my gear?

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  2. Buy a 70-200mm
  3. Get tons of pics of the C6.Rs, Panozs, Flying Lizard Porsche, Lowe's Zytek, Creation CA07, etc.

    Oh, and I'm hella jealous.
  4. you need a mono pod as well.
  5. A friend of mine has a Sigma 70-200 2.8 HSM, which I hear is awesome, but as I probably could borrow it from him for anything except trips abroad... Im hesitant on using my hard earned money on one, therefore Im eyeing on those 300mm+ lenses.

    I currently have memory for about 800 Raw pics. So yes, I fully intent on shooting plenty, but what Id like to hear is tips on which places are those "right time right place" spots.
    I already have some ideas and Ill go through threads with shots from Lemans for guidance.

    Has anyone on forum boasted on being there in previous years, whats it like? Same goes for Paris, any French guys here to comment on sightseeing, traffic, parking? We have a rental, for which I hope I find a parking place near hotel, this is one of those things Im most worried about... But then, having a car lets us do sightseeing to French countryside too.
  6. Not really
  7. easier for moving around/easier packing
  8. Oh sweet, looking forward to that. Take some pics on the Citroen showroom at the champs-elysees too, as when I was there in May 2005, they were reconstructing it. I'd love to see what they're packing. At Renault's it might still be formula 1 minded and Peugeot usually has prototypes in their showroom.

    Also take pics of the roundabout from top of the Arc de Triomphe; should look awesome when it's all sharp with your kit instead of my point & shooter.
  9. I went to the Peugeot showroom... it had a black concept, silver concept and that red 3 wheeler thingy.
  10. More ideas like these.
  11. Not the 905 anymore? bummer, mate, that thing was so sexy 2 years ago
  12. remake "c'etait un rendez vous"
    and have fun above all
  13. oh wow, that'd be awesome, to remake that

    and to PNG1 (sorry, I'm really bad at remembering names); don't waste your time at the Ferrari/Maserati dealer. It's ridiculously small/unexciting. It's like.. 3 cars and a lot of merch.
  14. Pinin thats a wicked avatar. You got any more pics of that G V12?
  15. Pinin thats a wicked avatar. You got any more pics of that G V12?
  16. Does somebody have the Lemans extra supposedly included in EVO issue 106, It arrives in stores here days after Ive left... I know, I should have subscibed it ages ago...

    If it has any significant info, scans would be appreciated, Anyhow, Ill try to get hold of a copy once in Paris.

  17. Well, Im back home. Five kilos lighter from the walking in Paris and the one day at Le Mans.

    The trip to Le Mans was reduced to a recon for next years event... poor planning and stamina ruining the experience pretty much wholly. Well, not perhaps entiarely, we did get to feel the spirit in sound and noise, if visual and timing parts were lacking.

    Ill summarize the Lemans day tomorrow, Ill also add a Paris thread to general, once I have processed the pics.
  18. Oh cool, looking forward to it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  19. Our journey begun in Paris on saturday morning, traffic was minimal and to our surprise we were able to get to the southbound motorway without any difficulty.
    French motorways are nice, you get a card at the beginning and pay the fare once exiting. Paris to Lemans was ~15e.

    Closer to the city the traffic halted into a queue, but in less than an hour we got to a parking lot/street.
    Before going inside we visited the museum, which was almost empty due to the nearing start. An ok place, if a bit smaller than I expected.
    We then got through the gates half an hour before start, locating ourselves at the last curves when the race started.
    The sky was very unpredictable the whole afternoon, so although we got very close to the action I didnt bother to shoot any pics through the fences. I took some pics later from a point after the Dunlop bridge.

    The Noise was Awesome! Especially Corvettes, Panoz and Spyker. Also as there was a long period of safetycar action in the beginning, it was fun to watch the difference the racecars vs production model.

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  21. Its worthwhile to note how similar the two look, I had not notised that before. Atleast in that extent.

    I took all pics in raw, Ill upload the originals to a photosite later. I myself cant do much more than crop pics as of yet.
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