Parking a car with a manual transmission

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  1. My steam car rolls like whoa.
  2. It depends where I park. If it's a level surface than I will just keep it in neutral with the hand break on, 1st gear if parked uphill, reverse if parked downhill.

  3. Usually neutral. First or reverse depending on a slope.
  4. I leave it in first with the EBrake on.
  5. nuetral and handbrake
  6. you drive a semi or something? that would kick
  7. 1st or reverse
  8. why the #$%# is this 6 pages what the hell
  9. First gear and handbrake whenever I am not in the car, uphill/downhill does not matter.

    Whomever does not do this is a retard.
  10. First gear and handbrake on. Being accustomed to old British cars, on hills I generally wind on some lock so that the front wheels are pointed at the curb.

    I once left a modern car parked in neutral on a slight incline. Don't know why I didn't put it in gear as it's my habit to do so. Anyway, despite the handbrake being on it rolled away. Fortunately it hit the curb before it went far and stopped, so no damage done. When I saw it start to go I shat myself though.

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    It was a trolljob. I saw this and laughed.
  12. god dammit you stole my line!
  13. What happened to the real Valcom?
  14. disabled the account so I could concentrate on school for a little while. I came back because I may be asking a favor in a few weeks from some SCNeters, but I'm undecided.
  15. SCN is pretty life consuming but thats extreme measures, you gotta make up your post count
  16. I put it in neutral and let the FAGGOTS at the bottom of the hill worry about it.
  17. 2nd with parking brake on
  18. I've always wondered this, say you are stopping at the lights from 4th gear, do you shift to 3rd, then take the clutch off before going down to second, then the same to first?

    Or do you keep the clutch down all the way (4 -> 1)?
  19. Neutral on flat ground, first uphill, reverse downhill.
  20. first gear and handbrake on

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