Pathetic for a rental

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Zonda F Turbo, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Kia Rio was the worst rental and the worst car I've ever been inside of.

    If you think American cars are bad, there's still always Korean cars to make American cars look good in comparison.
  3. Callate pendejo.
  4. toss up between '96 mercury sable wagon and '94 toyota tercel.. both auto, gutless, worst shift lag evar.
  6. my friend has a v6 avenger. I think it's fairly comfortable nad peppy enough, wasn't really expecting a lot of posh materials for the interior in an econobox.

    Worst vehicle I've ever driven is definitely an early Kia Sportage.
    Picture paint peeling off plastic knobs, windows falling out of their tracks, every warning light on in the dash.........I could keep going. The worst thing was that it just came off the truck at the dealers and had 57km on the odometer.
  7. Daewoo Matiz. Gutless. Crap. Shit.
    Smart 4Four was absolute trash too.
  8. Me like Matiz :_(
  9. thats why i dont like chrysler, too much plastic
  10. I'm renting a Hyundai i10 in 2 days. I'll let you know.
  11. i bet it's better than everything in dodge's lineup put together
  12. i bet it's better than everything made in amerika, put together.
  13. even the corvette blue ray?
  14. My dad had an 02 Eclipse GT (V6). It was horrible, the steering felt like it was out of an early 90s Buick, the brakes were soft, and in a straight line it was not any faster than my 5 speed manual 97 Maxima. Besides the decent looks, the car has nothing going for it, unless you're in a market for a "sports car" that will have the same performance as a V6 Altima/Accord of the same year.
  15. those things look like turtle shells from a couple of angles
  16. I had fun with my friends 90s olds 88, it was just a huge couch on wheels. he crashed it 2 weeks later.

    worst car ive ever driven was a 89-90 something like that, honda prelude. The exhaust was shot, the bearings hummed, the engine had #$%# all for power (i think my old celica could probably take it)

    it felt like it was going to disintegrate on the road, the clutch was horribly worn, and rattled/creaked when taking corners. And he wanted 2500 for it. I was like "Yah ok bye"
  17. Geo Metro. I'm not sure what year it was, but it had a 3 cylinder engine...
  18. Maybe I drove it wrongly, but it felt like it had 2 gears and 3 overdrives lol
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  21. no, I'm pretty sure the best thing I've ever driven was fully stripped out, caged, E30 with an E36 M3 Powertrain
  22. America, it's automotive industry especially, is a boiling pot of shit
  23. You had an old Celica? what year?
  24. Probably with a better interior.
  25. Shutup, COMMIE.

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