Pebble Beach & 50 years of 250 Spyder California

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    PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (July 7, 2008)

    Six types of Ferrari Spyder Californias will appear together Aug. 17, alongside the first showing of the only factory-built Ferrari Superamerica with Spyder California coachwork

    In 1958, Ferrari began production of a race-inspired convertible named after its best-selling market – the Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California. Only 105 “Cal Spyders” were manufactured overall. In addition to the prototype, there were six variants—long and short wheelbase models with differing headline treatments and competition versions.

    Six of these now iconic roadsters will be displayed among the world’s elite vehicles at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 17.

    “The Spyder California exemplifies Ferrari’s unrivaled racing heritage and matchless individuality,” said Sandra Kasky Button, chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, “This is the first time that six variations, including the prototype, will appear together in one place. Once again automotive history will be made at Pebble Beach.”

    According to Ed Gilbertson, Chief Judge at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and a Ferrari expert, “The Spyder California was a factory-built road car that you could drive to the track and race. We’re bringing together examples from around the world – from people who don’t often show their cars – to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime display of Ferrari legends.”

    After the prototype’s completion in 1957, coachbuilder Carrozzeria Scaglietti began handcrafting the open-air Spyder California based on the long-wheelbase 250 GT platform, with models featuring both open and closed headlights. In 1960 Ferrari moved to a shorter wheelbase, again with open and closed headlight variations. Twelve of the 105 Spyder Californias were built specifically for competition, utilizing all-aluminum bodywork, a larger gas tank and a more powerful engine, and racing triumphs added to the Spyder California’s lore.

    “Ferraris with competition pedigrees are always the most revered,” said Gilbertson, “and the Spyder California earned top finishes at some of the biggest races. We’ll have one of the most desirable Ferraris of all on display at the Concours – the closed headlight, alloy-bodied, short wheelbase Spyder California that raced at Le Mans and Sebring.”

    The Concours will also showcase the only Ferrari 400 Superamerica built by the factory with Spyder California coachwork. Its Pebble Beach appearance in the GT Class marks the first showing of it anywhere in the world.

    “This Superamerica is the only one of its kind, and looks just like a pregnant Spyder California due to its bigger chassis and engine,” said Gilbertson. “Although it’s not truly a Spyder California, it’s certainly a close cousin and looks just like the exceptional beauty that it replicates.

    “The 2008 Pebble Beach Concours will be a rare opportunity for spectators, especially Ferrari aficionados, to see six types of Spyder Californias together and, just steps away, be able to compare it to the only 400 Superamerica of its kind; something that is unlikely to happen again for a very, very long time.”

    First conducted in 1950, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance® ( has grown to become the world’s premier celebration of the automobile. Only the most beautiful and rare cars are invited to appear on the famed 18th fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links®, and connoisseurs of art and style flock to see these masterpieces. Charitable donations raised by the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance® now total over $10 million. Related events include the Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance™ presented by Rolex, Pebble Beach RetroAuto™, and the Pebble Beach® Auction presented by Gooding & Company.

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  2. Lancia, the Italian auto manufacturer known for its elegant originality and innovative spirit, will be celebrated as a featured marque at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d�Elegance on Sunday, Aug. 17. Seventeen significant Lancia vehicles will be on display, ranging from a rarely seen 1953 Lancia Aurelia B20 Rally Car to one of the oldest Lancias on record, a 1908 12 hp Alpha. Lancia will be highlighted at the Concours along with Lamborghini and the centennial of General Motors.

    �The Lancia history is quite remarkable,� says Sandra Kasky Button, Chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours. �Lancia emerged as one of the most progressive, spirited car companies at the turn of the 20th century, producing their first car exactly 100 years ago. Their racing heritage includes wins in Formula One, rallying and sports cars.�

    In addition to producing the first narrow-angle V-4 and V-6 production engines, Lancia is recognized for numerous additional engineering advances that outdistanced other pre-war auto manufacturers. Founded in Turin, Italy by Vincenzo Lancia, the first Lancia, a 12 hp Alpha, debuted in 1908, and an example will be brought to the Concours by Milano, Italy car collector Corrado Lopresto, a 2005 Pebble Beach winner. �Big, majestic and not very sporty, the Alpha�s attraction is quality and reliability with advanced comfort,� says Lopresto, whose �08 Alpha is one of just 108 that were built.

    The Lancia Lambda, which debuted in 1922 sporting a groundbreaking single-body frame and independent front suspension, will be represented at the Concours. Other notable Lancias coming to Pebble Beach include: the D24, one of Lancia�s most innovative vehicles and the subject of the poster for the 2008 Pebble Beach Tour d�Elegance presented by Rolex; a 1953 Lancia Aurelia B20 coupe � one of six designed for competition (it won the 1953 Li�ge-Rome-Li�ge Rally); and the original Lancia Stratos HF Prototype Bertone Coupe, which made its world debut at the 1971 Turin Auto Show.

    �It�s truly a remarkable achievement for Lancia to be a featured marque at this year�s Concours,� says Francesco Gandolfi, Pebble Beach Concours Chief Class Judge. �This is the first time since I became involved in collectible cars in 1971 that I�ve seen Lancia being honored at a major event�and I don�t know when, and if, I will see the same again.�
  3. Man I hope I can put together some money and make this happen...
  4. Among other things I'm looking forward to seeing my 1st Veyron... which might even be the new Roadster they're supposed to unveil there.
  5. Just max-out a card... it's the American way. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  6. There were 8 veyrons in the area last year
  7. Porsche No. 1 to be shown at Pebble Beach concours

    For Porsche fans, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance should be pretty close to nirvana: The very first Porsche, from 1948, a 356 roadster, will be among the show’s headliners this year.

    Seldom shown in the United States, the 356 usually resides in the automaker’s Stuttgart, Germany, headquarters and is confirmed to be the first Porsche--with chassis No. 356-001.

    While it’s the first Porsche built, it’s not really the first production car, as a number of changes were made to the initial batch of 356s that followed. Namely, the engine layout was switched from mid-engine in the first car to a rear setup in the successors, and the hood lines also differ.

    To the naked eye, the contrasts aren’t stark, Porsche says, quick to note the hand-built first car is one-of-a-kind. Curiously, the company also is reluctant to call the 40-hp car a concept, as that’s more of a modern term, and it’s unlikely Porsche founders thought of it in that way.

    “This was a car that was the foundation of the company,” said Gary Fong, a Porsche spokesman.

    The car was displayed in the United States several years ago, after an ill-fated attempt to show it a decade ago; it fell off a forklift and was too damaged for display.

    Porsche No.1 will be in the Post-War preservation class at Pebble Beach. Organizers are expecting about 200 cars, including the usual slew of Duesenbergs, Packards, Bugattis and other classics.

    The event, which follows this weekend’s Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance in suburban Detroit, also will have displays for the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari Spyder California and 19 recent concept cars from the global auto-show circuit. A crowd of more than 15,000 is expected. (Autoweek)
  8. 10 Best Cars at the 2008 Monterey Auctions

    Every August on the Monterey Peninsula, major auto auction companies compete fiercely for the attention of car enthusiasts. Five huge vintage-car sales are held over three action-packed evenings. With all the top collectors in town for the Monterey historics and the Pebble Beach concours, there's big money just waiting to be spent and many rare cars are worth more than seven figures. The bidding is often frenzied, and new records are almost always set.

    But this year, fuel prices are soaring, the stock market is tanking, real estate values are seriously depressed, investment houses, banks and mortgage giants are caving, and American consumer confidence is at an all-time low. Will the Monterey auctions reflect the hapless economy, or will deep-pocket motor madness again prevail?

    We've carefully looked over the lots and picked the 10 top cars for your bidding pleasure. But first, here are a few thoughts on buying and selling old cars at auction.

    Why Buy at an August Auction?
    There are fabulous historic cars for sale worldwide, every day of the year. So why do so many potential buyers flock to live auctions, where they can't effectively test and inspect a car, where they must trust a car's provenance to what's written in a catalog, and where they might have to make a multimillion-dollar buy-or-pass decision in split seconds?

    The appeal of the auctions is multifaceted. Each year, the leading firms attract highly desirable cars that are hard or even impossible to find anywhere else. These cars become available because consignors know these four tenets of auction sales: The best cars will be widely promoted before the sale; all the leading collectors will be on hand (or represented on the phone); the cars are being sold in prime time; and if at least two bidders engaged in a spirited duel, a new record may be set.

    Last April in Maranello, Italy, RM Auctions sold a Ferrari 250GT short-wheelbase California Spyder, formerly the property of actor James Coburn, for over $10 million, nearly twice what similar Spyders have sold for in recent years. Other Ferraris in the sale went for record prices as well, so it appears another run-up in Italian rolling sculpture is under way.

    Till Death Do Us Part
    As collectors pass on, their heirs often decide that the optimal way to dispose of a collection is via an auction house. This year at the Gooding two-day sale in Pebble Beach, 12 cars from the late Dr. Peter Williamson's extraordinary Bugatti collection will be up for bids. Williamson had the biggest Bugatti hoard in America; his cars were correctly restored and maintained by Scott Sargent, one of the country's premier Bugatti experts. "The Doc" liked to drive his precious Bugs, so they were always ready to go. And proceeds from that sale will benefit the medical school at Dartmouth College.

    The centerpiece of Williamson's treasure trove, the ex-Lord Rothschild Type 57SC Atlantic coupe (one of only three in the world, and a former Pebble Beach Best of Show winner), will be sold privately along with another Type 57SC Atalante, but Bugatti devotees can still bid on two of Williamson's Atalante coupes, one a standard supercharged 57C, the other a low-chassis SC-Type. They're both highly sought after, slightly larger, more luxurious versions of the Atlantic. Bugatti only built 40 of those elegant sports GTs, and here is a pair in the same sale!

    Consumer Confidence?
    Ah, but that sorry economy, you might wonder. Won't that have an effect this August?

    It's safe to say that the big collectors, the ones who can write six-figure checks for Bugattis and Duesenbergs (and there are a couple of great Duesies coming up next month) simply aren't feeling the economy's savage pinch to the same degree that the general public does. Desirable models with correct provenance, custom coachwork, exciting competition history, possibly a famous owner, perhaps a one-of-a-kind, a rare prototype, a half-century-old dream car penned by a legendary designer, maybe a rare classic that's unrestored, one that's been out of sight for decades, a 100-year-old brass beauty that's eligible for....

    You get my drift. These are the cars that all the high rollers want. Monterey this year has examples of all those types and much, much more.

    10 of the Best
    RM Auctions has had a banner year thanks to big sales at Amelia Island, in Italy and at Meadow Brook. At Monterey, RM has something for everyone. How about a stunning, Virgil Exner-designed Ghia-built showcar of the 1950s, the Chrysler Diablo? RM sold the Chrysler Thunderbolt last year and has also been getting great response on Duesenbergs, like $4.5 million for the ex-Ethel V. Mars Bohman & Schwartz-bodied Duesenberg SJ town car last year.

    Historic hot rods and custom cars are still hot. The right examples of these cars are eligible for the Pebble Beach concours, adding to their value. RM's offering a freshly rebuilt '51 Mercury custom, created by Rick Dore, one of the acknowledged masters of the art. And Gooding has a brace of period hot rods, including a historic dry lakes racing roadster, a 1927 T-bucket built by Jim "Jazzy" Nelson, the drag-racing great. Also look for the 1954 Bentley Continental R with a gorgeous fastback body by H.J. Mulliner, a genuine 120-mph touring car in its day; not to mention a 1972 Lamborghini Miura P400SV.

    Out at the Pebble Beach polo fields, Gooding & Company will present a stunning Ferrari 250GT long-wheelbase California Spyder, resplendent in two-tone black and red. Only 50 of these road/race roadsters were ever built and they have traded in the $4 million range.

    Better Buy Bugs
    The late Dr. Peter Williamson's Bugatti Type 57SC Atalantes (both supercharged, one a standard chassis, the other a low-chassis sport version) will attract spirited bidding. Blown Bugs with swoopy Jean Bugatti-designed Atalante coachwork are ultra-rare beasts; both these cars are very correct and ready to rock. If you're looking for something that's a little different, Gooding has an '06 REO Model A Touring car with a matching, operable miniature full-scale model "Baby REO" that served as the celebrated midget Tom Thumb's transport at the Ringling Brothers circus.

    Bonhams & Butterfields' sale at Quail Lodge always has interesting petroliana, mascots and auto art. Its big star this year is likely to be the ex-Pierre Boncompagni "Pagnibon" Ecurie Nice Pourtout-bodied 1939 Talbot T150C-SS. Unrestored, highly original, with the patina of nearly half a century, this car could be freshened a bit for the Pebble Beach Preservation Class or it could be completely restored for a shot at Best of Show. It could fetch over $4.5 million.

    Last year, Christies topped $2 million for the Steve McQueen Ferrari 250 GT/L Lusso. This year, it's Bonham's turn, with the ex-Steve McQueen/Peter Revson 1969 Porsche 908 that finished 2nd in 1970 at Sebring, which could fetch $2 million. It also has 1960 E2A, the one-of-a-kind factory-built Jaguar sports-racer campaigned by the Cunningham team that served as the prototype for the production Jaguar E-Type. Driven by Dan Gurney, Walt Hansgen, Jack Brabham and Bruce McLaren, it's touted to fetch over $7 million.

    It Happens Downtown
    Russo and Steele keep things hopping in downtown Monterey on Friday and Saturday nights, and this year the extensive inventory includes a pristine Ferrari Daytona Spyder, bellowing muscle cars, Cobras, Corvettes, hot rods and an exceptional 1971 Lamborghini Miura SVJ Jota. You'll also see a 1973 Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona Spyder, one of the 122 factory-built cars and not just one of the common hack jobs, which makes it worth as much as $1.5 million. The Kruse Auction held in conjunction with Concorso Italiano (located at the airport in nearby Marina, California, this year) has a fine selection of sports and muscle cars, including a 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, the forerunner of Nissan's new 2009 Skyline GT-R. As if five major auctions weren't enough, Don Williams will again hold his Blackhawk Exhibition (there's no bidding; you can make an offer for any of 85 cars on display) at the Peter Hay Golf Course at Pebble Beach.

    Record Breakers?
    It's certain that great cars are going to break sales records at Monterey. Bonhams' Mark Osborne agrees: "We've been waiting for a downturn, but our results at the Retromobile and Monaco auctions this year haven't reflected that. And now, we have cars for sale that have been out of the public eye for decades. They're being offered generationally, meaning that they're on sale for the first time in over 30 years and they're unlikely to be offered again soon."

    RM's Terry Lobzun says, "Many collectors feel the Monterey sales will be a benchmark for the vintage car market this year. We have seen that interest hasn't waned, and because of the currency advantage, we expect to see more buyers from Europe at Monterey, especially for the higher-end cars."

    "The money's out there for the really special stuff," insists Bonhams' Osborne. "The little world we all inhabit at Pebble Beach each August is largely unaffected by economic fluctuations and the price of oil. I'm expecting spectacular results."

    So are we. Just be careful not to scratch your ear or rub an eye when the bidding gets hot, or you could go home with a new toy. (Edmunds Inside Line)
  9. The McQueen Porsche 908/2 spyder has apparently been removed from B&B's catalog.
  10. The unusual and unique Lamborghini Raptor (Chassis Number: P06) concept supercar designed by Zagato is being offered for sale during Pebble Beach week by The Blackhawk Collection.

    Zagato launched the dramatic new sportscar on the occasion of the 1996 Geneva Motor Show. A World Premier, the attention-grabbing Raptor was a provocative styling proposal which was powered by Lamborghini's classic V12 engine.

    The car features a novel modular cockpit lay-out with a front-hinged, one-piece greenhouse section which includes the doors, windscreen and the company's famous double-bubble roofline. From a traditional two-seater coupe, the Raptor can be transformed into a two-seater Barchetta. Following on in Zagato's long tradition of memorable show cars, the Raptor is no mere dream car, but a thoroughly practical and feasible production proposition.

    The Zagato Styling Centre (SZ Design) developed the Raptor in order to ensure it could be built as a limited series. From the innovative tubular and box-section chassis to the exciting interior styling, the Raptor is a concentration of advanced design and engineering. Fully certifiable for the road, this ultra-high performance, mid-engined sports coupe uses a powerful 5.7 liter V-12 driving all four wheels. Lamborghini carried out tests on the Raptor, after which it appeared at Pebble Beach Concours celebrating the Zagato marque.

    The Raptor is being offered as one of 85 cars being offered for exposition sale by The Blackhawk Collection at the Peter Hay Golf Course during the Pebble Beach Concours week from tomorrow. The Blackhawk Collection is one of the world's foremost companies specializing in the acquisition and sale of both American and European classic, coachbuilt, and one-of-a-kind automobiles.

    It has been the guided aim of Blackhawk Collection over the past two decades to acquire automobiles of singular beauty and historic distinction, thereby assuring customers of the Blackhawk Collection that they are able to select from one of the largest selections of automobiles for sale that are unrivaled in their importance as well as their condition.
  11. Nine Lamborghinis featured this year at Pebble Beach concours

    Nine rare Lamborghinis, including one of the earliest 350 GTs and a Miura owned by the chairman of Marriott International, will be among the headliners this year at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

    Lamborghini is one of three featured marques this year at Pebble Beach, sharing the spotlight with the General Motors centennial and Lancia. The annual festival of vintage cars is expected to have a field of about 175.

    J.W. Marriott Jr.'s car, a 1967 Miura P400 Bertone production prototype, was purchased by the hotel scion that year in Rome.

    The first 350 GT was seen at the 1963 Turin motor show, and a 1964 Touring production prototype will be shown at Pebble Beach.

    The collection of Lamborghinis also will include several rare cars from the Italian automaker's storied 46-year history, including five from the 1960s, a 1977 Countach LP 400 Bertone and a 1996 Raptor Zagato coupe.

    Lamborghini will have its chief test driver, Valentino Balboni, a 40-year veteran of the company, serving as a judge. (Autoweek)
  12. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. will be showcased as the featured marque at the 58th Annual Pebble Beach Concours d�Elegance on Sunday, August 17, 2008, at The Lodge at Pebble Beach. The acclaimed Italian super sports car manufacturer will showcase a few of the brand�s most exclusive Lamborghini models at the prestigious event, including the newly-launched 2009 Gallardo LP560-4, the world-renowned Revent�n and the historic Lamborghini P140 prototype.

    �The opportunity to be the featured marque at the Pebble Beach Concours d�Elegance is a great tribute to the Lamborghini brand,� said Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. �Since its inception, Lamborghini has been a creator of trends in the world of super sports cars. We take great pride in showcasing our vehicles amongst the world�s most passionate enthusiasts.�

    The 2009 Gallardo LP560-4, heir to Lamborghini�s most successful vehicle model of all time, arrives at all 34 North American dealerships in late-summer of 2008. The all-new 560 horsepower LP560-4 replaces the previous Gallardo model, which sold more than 7,000 units, and features a powerful new engine, permanent four-wheel drive transmission and new suspension while delivering clearly improved performance and driving dynamics.

    With just 20 produced, the 1 million Euro Lamborghini Revent�n is a symbol of extreme exclusivity, yet still offers extraordinary performance. The Revent�n was entirely designed in Sant�Agata Bolognese, the original birthplace of the Lamborghini, and is the perfect synthesis between the exclusivity and appeal of a limited edition design masterpiece, and the dynamism and drivability of a standard sports car.

    The Lamborghini P140, the proposed successor to the Jalpa, was designed with one goal in mind: superior styling. The designers took design cues of the Miura, Countach and Diablo to create a unique, new vehicle that was still purely a Lamborghini. Lamborghini produced an all-new 4 litre V10 engine specifically for the prototype, although the brand eventually decided not to produce the P140 to concentrate on later Diablo models.
  13. Sold� to the multi-millionaire
    Chas Hallett

    Up until now my experience of car auctions has been fun and interesting but hardly high-rolling. You probably know the sort of thing: a freezing cold pit staring at a parade of Mondeos and Vectras, munching on a bacon sandwich while taking the scene in.

    New Image Which is why the Gooding auction I've just been to in Pebble Beach, California readjusted my set a bit.

    Auctions like this are where the real high rollers come to buy and sell million dollar cars and are just as part of the annual Pebble Beach pageant as the Concours D'Elegance itself.

    It's quite breathtaking to see Ferrari 250 GTOs take the plinth and then watch as the plummy Brit auctioneer moves the bids up in 100,000 dollar chunks.

    I was only there for an hour but watched at least 20 million dollars being spent as casually as most of us buy a cup of coffee.

    Bug11Also under the hammer was the first Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport which the highest bidder could then spec up and know that anything over the million pound list price was going to charity. In the end it went for a breathtaking 2.9 million dollars (�1.5million).

    Fortunately, and just when I thought I was losing touch with reality, a guy came along and asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee or some sausage and chips. Maybe these different types of auctions do have something in common after all. (Autocar)

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