Peice of KAKA

Discussion in '2002 Pontiac Solstice Coupe Concept' started by Rice Rocket 55, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Lets just say all pontiacs suck... and dont even think that this car is good.... cause its SUX!!!!

    P O N T I A C
    S U X
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    How's that bug up your ass feel? Compared with the Aztek (*shudder*), I think this thing looks pretty damn good.<!-- Signature -->
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    So you dont like it just because it is a pontiac, if it was a ford or saleen it would be great right?
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    Hmm...yeah...sad how some people are so biased eh?
    Well I do have quarrel with the front end..Ewwwwwwww!!
    hope they keep this car small and lightweight.
    and this is no replacement for Trans Am.
    I heard 2005 will be the return of thre Trans and the Camaros..

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
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    I aggree!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    what is it with these sucky engines.Cadillac is alright but most other GM cars suck. imports muthafuccka!<!-- Signature -->
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    The body style is pretty nice, but the rear lights and the front bulging nose are ugly.<!-- Signature -->
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    Intelligence at its finest. Well I like it!<!-- Signature -->
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    It's an American revolution!!! Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    tumblerman knows whats going on. I like the car
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    import cars suck for one, you cant get off the line without putting you usually modifications on. sure if i modify a vette or a viper ill smoke you to kingdomcom. second, this car looks pretty damn good next to your civics.
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    This car is the best Roadster design Ive seen come out of Detroit in a very long time.

    Could be as significant as when the Japanese intoduced the 240Z. Matter of fact it looks more like the classic 240Z-280Z then the new 350Z.

    I love this car and if they build it I will buy it!!! Way to go Pontiac !!!

    Man Id love to pull up to an import and smoke em with this car !!!!
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    what if it is a good car
    is it still "KAKA"?
  14. green day is #$%#ed. and not all gm are shit

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