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  1. Have you seen an R32 and R34? The R32 look much smaller than the R34!
  2. The R34 chassis is somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% stiffer.

    The R34 is also a lot more comfy (and has a great deal more sound deadening than the R32).

    The R34 N1 which is much more like the R32 in creature comforts amazingly drops down to the mid 3100's again....
  3. Despite how they look, the R34 is 2in longer, 1in higher and wider than the R32.
  4. R33 is better than both.
  6. I meant in looks! it looks better than both!
  7. I looks more sportier in my opinion. I love it in that Pearl White color.
  8. No way the R34 owns both the R32/3 in the looks dept
  9. I've always liked the R32 best.....that's why I bought it (aside from it being a chunk lighter).
  10. Admit you bought the R32 since its the icing when it comes to how light it is. You know you would have gotten the R34 if it was just as light for the same price
  11. Your Regal is morbidly obese, so you really are invalid.
  12. In a way, you're right...sort of.

    I had an R34 N1 on order when I found out the importing process was shady. I sacrificed 500,000 Yen (the ordering reserve).....and I wasn't happy....but it was better than being stuck with a 50k dollar car that I would have to leave behind.

    It wasn't because of the was the brakes, rims, and overall vehicle setup. I added A/C, but didn't bother with the radio. The R34 also came with Attessa-ETS Pro, stiffer suspension, body, and adjustable wing.

    It wasn't the same price though....not even close.

    When my father-in-law heard of my disappointment, he put me in contact with a friend of his....and its how I ended up with my car.


    BuickGNXkillsALL: KILL YOUR #$%#ING SELF.

    "Ram Air", the product, is a consecuence of marketing and the people buying it because they "think" that it ads HP. It's a myth. It's a myth because the gains are so minimal at speeds that no one does all the time, and because they charge you money for that.
  14. Its still hard for me to believe that it does not help. That aside, what about Cowl Induction?? Or Air Grabber?? Hoods
  15. The WS6 Trans Am has 325hp, and the base Trans Am has 315hp. The Ram Air is functional on these cars. I would say it adds power.
  16. At least someone said something, that agrees with my argument!

    Still waiting on the remarks about cowl induction!
  17. as a cold air intake.

    That was never in contention.

    The issue is that "RamAir" is a marketing ploy.

    10hp is easily explainable by a single degree difference in charge temperature.
  18. So you're admiting that it does work.
  19. Go back through the threads and READ.

    I never said Ram Air may or may not work as a cold air intake.

    The fact is, it does NOT work as a pressure building "Ram Air" device.
  20. excuse me.... cowl induction anyone?
  21. ...again at road speeds does not rely on velocity pressure.

    Jesus, your thick.
  22. It does work. There are two open holes and allow air in under the hood. There is SOME pressure built under the hood. It it the same concept as was on the old GTO. I'm not saying its not a marketing thing, it was in the 60s and it is now, but it does work, even if the gain is minimal technically it still works.
  23. Cowl induction works on carburated cars. Pressure is built up between the hood and the windshield and air is channeled into the motor.
  24. Technically the less than 1% increase in pressure (that could be created at a maximum...never mind all the losses associated around a drilled plate, boundary layers, turbulence, etc) would end up costing you power in mechanical efficiency as the drag from the hood scoop would cost more.

    The reality is, there is no increase in pressure do to those items I just mentioned and you obviously don't have the technical background to understand it.
  25. There is nothing technical about air going into a hole. If the hood scoop increases drag than why is it faster with the ram air hood?

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