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  1. post pictures of things you consider to be very nearly perfect

    the only guideline is to please keep it work safe

  2. you funny guy
  3. But seriously sorry for messing up your thread with my previous post of that hideous plastic surgery disaster.

    I think this is perfection.

  4. This is way closer to perfection than the vehicle above
  5. Of course an F50fanatic would say that!!!

    Btw Ive raced at that track before!!

    I like the McLaren F1 just as much as the F40 Btw.
  6. Targa Florio, Sicily.
  7. Apart from the initial post, this thread fails
  8. oh come on, bridget the midget is perfection!
  9. Lol, i thought i recognised her
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  11. *dont click on the thumbnail if you are at work*

  12. ok that has completely invalidated my polite warning
  13. She doesn't have a 8" penis.
  14. judge mine
  15. amazing

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