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  1. 1. What are the advantages?
    2. How durable are they? Do they outlast the stock clutch?
    3. Hows the daily driveability of a higher stage clutch?
  2. 1.Can put more power to the ground without slipping
    3.Performance clutch are not always good for daily driven car.You need to push harder on the clutch.Kevlar clutch also get grippier if they get hotter.So you won't have a smooth angagement.

    The is really basic.I'm sure someone will answer your questions correctly.
  3. 1) can take heavy torque and massive hp.generally they are heavy duty
    2) they last long enough and are far more robust than normal clutches
    3) explain me this question. you mean driveability in miles per hour? miles done per day or what? thanks to clarify the question so i can answer.
  4. driveability.Like if you pust a racing suspension on your road car it will be less driveable.
  5. You won't be able to rock back at stoplights and stuff. It will engange and you will go if you don't kill it.
  6. ok thanks for teh explanation.
    well with a heavy duty clutch on a modern car it is quite smooth to drive. if you have a 1966-70 muscle car fitted with a muncie m21 or m22 or even a ford toploader or a mopar a 833 4 spord manual then you will see it is slightly different.The drive can be a little noisy.
    The most noisy drive will be with muncie m22 a very very noisy heavy duty gearbox.
  7. 1. Clutches are basicly about three things; they must be able to transfer the torque (power doesn't matter), they must handle the engine speed which in many racing engines can be high without falling apart, they must resist high temperatures so they can resist beating.

    2. This depends on how you compare them, and what type of clutch you compare. For example carbon/carbon clutches can take a lot of beating before they needs to be replaced, this type of clutch are however not that common since they are very expensive. The harder pressure plates often used increase wear on the engine axial bearing.

    3. High performance gear almost always decrease the daily driveability, also in this case. With a high performance clutch the clutch usually will have more of an on/off feeling, you will also have to push the clutch pedal harder if the pressure plate is harder.
  8. HEMISTAGE is right about the drivability i put a center force clutch on my 98 camaro and have found no draw backs in drivability.
  9. You just have to make sure that all other parts of the "clutch system" can take the extra strain of operating a stiffer clutch. A friend of mine put a centerforce in his 1995 Nissan and a few months later the clutch cable broke.
  10. When you install a high performance clutch, all the rest of the components must be heavy duty or strenghtened components.
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  12. I understand these postings, however what if i upgrade a car to have more HP and torque, and put a clutch that is designed for my amount of power, it will feel how? more jerky the shifts wont be as smooth for example?
  13. No i know people who upgraded their cars and the shifts are as smooth as the day they baught the car.You just need to find all components that fit together.When you have the ideal combo engine+tranny+clutch+suspension it is all good.Just be selective and accurate in the choice of components.
  14. okay, i understand. So as someone mentioned before, if i upgrade the clutch, i have to upgrade other things to heavy duty components. What are the parts i have to upgrade?
  15. other things like what? the only other component i had to change was the hydrolic cylinder but that was because center force wouldn't warrenty it if i didn't. depending on the age of your car you may not have a hydrolic clutch. clutch works fine no other up grades to the clutch assembly tranny.

    p.s. i had thirty thou. taken off the fly wheel.
  16. pressure plate for one.
  17. my clutch kit came with a new pressure plate so i didn't need look for one. i don't now if they all do though.
  18. Yo can also have a cltuch that use less travel to engage for faster shifts.
  19. Clutches are rated after torque, how much power you have isn't important.

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