Performance shift knob?

Discussion in '2003 Acura RSX Type-S Performace Package' started by blaze4eva, Aug 9, 2002.

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    personally i think it makes the shifter look better and is better placement. i dunno about you, its just the way i happen to sit in a car, fits well with me.
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    damn if what you guys say is true, then shame on honda... what is this a gay pride paraide? i can do without a rainbow colored shift knob.

    P.S blaze, the center placed shifter is just a fab, trying to draw attention, and its anything BUT usefull... instead the SI can use a little extra boost.<!-- Signature -->
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    i agree, its probably a different shift knob that looks better than the other one that will have people saying wow that shift knob is cool. you know, shit like that.<!-- Signature -->
  4. does anyone else find this strange to be listed with the word performance in front of it?
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    hm i do not, i have a performance shifter its a short shifter, its a significantly smaller shifter, meaning its closer to the tranny so you get much faster switches in. i think thats what they mean by shit knob<!-- Signature -->
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    i dont think so, i think that honda/acura issmart enough to differntiate between short throw shifter and shift knob. I think that all it is is a different topper, so to speak.
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    yah its really just the knob. it has more COLORS so its more sporty. or something. i dunno.

    what they should have done was placed the manual in the middle of hte console like in the new civic si, since that is rather handy.

    o by the way you can buy the shift knob by yourself in all assortments of colors for the low low price of 30 bucks!

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    its probably leather or chrome<!-- Signature -->
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    maybe its made out of carbon fibre taking the huge load of .25 mg off ur car!!
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    personally i think you guys are all idiots for not realizing the significance of the performance shift knob. edwin knows, that shifting is the most important aspect of racing, and with a performance shift knob you are easily adding 10-20hp at the wheels. the performance potential of 'performance' parts is all about hp. why do you think they call a performance muffler a performance muffler? because it adds hp. same with shift knobs. i made my point and i'm don't doubt me.
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    I dont even notice the shifter
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    Perhaps it is made of lighter materials makeing the car lighter.... or maybe its specially shaped for a firm grip to prevent your sweaty palm from sliping off. Who knows?
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    well said. it is pointless to pay extra for something u dont need.
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    the truth is... this car is terribly under powered.. there's the mitsubishi colt that's being developed for rally use.. it's gonna be sold to public.. but they are still negotiating the stuff about selling to public.. it's cool

    280 PS
    980 kg
    5 Speed manual

    I say it's just too sweet of them.
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    Hmmm, who knows, the knob is probably just a stainless steel thing with a logo in the middle instead of the numbers...

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