perhaps the coolest GT40 replica

Discussion in 'Car Classifieds' started by mpg, May 14, 2010.

  1. Damn! Certainly sounds the part!
  2. Looks great in that color.
  4. im not the biggest gt40 fan, but yeah i dig this.
  5. you msut be pretty gtay to not like gt40s
  6. swho makes those tires
  7. They're made by Hoosier. I love those white letters but I would've chosen Avon CR6ZZ.
  8. for 76k i think thats a good price, i wud definately get if i had the money.
  9. You are all noobs, this is clearly the coolest and most accurate GT40 replica...

    In all seriousness that really is a cool replica, I would love to have it.
  10. That doesn't look very accurate. What's so cool about it?
  11. That is the joke... though I assume you knew that...
  12. sorry to say that went over my head
  13. Ah. Well... I am glad that we have had this clarification. Back to business as usual, then?
  14. shutup thats who
  15. how much would it cost now an original GT40 not a replica????????
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    #$%# it sounded awesome:

    mpg, what's your username at
  19. BTW, do you have a link to that "GT40 Thread" that we had here in the European Forum?
  20. Hey you.
  21. HALP ME!

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