perpetuating rycer style?

Discussion in '2004 Ford Mustang GT-R Concept' started by Ford rulez, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. *cough*rycedoutskylineripoff*cough*

    It looks like a ryced out skyline....why? Are they trying to perpetuate the hordes of rycers out there?

    Cool car, still too heavy though.
  2. Yes, I agree. When this car was first unveiled, everyone was complaining about this. It looks damn near identical to a Skyline. But I don't really care overall. Looks decent, and I'm sure it's performance will be phenominal.
  3. It's a kick @$$ car to bad it looks like a serious ricer also to bad it's not sitting in my garage
  4. I don't think so.I see where vyour coming from on that but I think it also harkens back to the muscle of the 70's but a little more flashy.
  5. Would have been ok if they didn't go for a bright yellow color...

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