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  1. this was me driving but <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  2. For real? Damn man. What plane????
  3. P3 orion.

    the co-pilots like "here, take the stick, im going to the shitter"

    still had the pilot there tho.

    i wasn't flying, but holy shit it was awesome doing 470km/hr, 200ft off the water, loitering on only 3 engines, AND (aparently) still having the power to pull back up if an engine dies (as long as its not on the same side as the one allready off, then we procede to prolly stack it and die). the P3's are rediculously overpowered
  4. Seriously, that must have been the greates experience ever.

    By the way, you are a marine, right?
  5. nah, royal australian air force
  6. About 200 km/h
  7. Sorry then. That's cool! Is that you in the avatar? And if it's you, is that a PSG-1 you are holding?
  8. looks nothing like a psg1
  9. Didn't ask you, but thanks. I'm waiting for Aaron to respond.
  10. ~160 mph indicated: 2006 M Roadster
  11. nah, not me. some pic i grabbed off the net
  12. About 102mph according to my GPS in the Cobalt... by accident.
  13. U azn or something?
  14. yeah it definitely does get a bit iffy at high speeds, I hit 180km/h a couple times. That was on the speedo though, so it could be wrong.

    I did hit 65km/h on my single speed bicycle yesterday though.
  15. Damnit. I thought you'd be able to tell us cool army stories. Shame you're in the air force. You can still tell us about that one time the shipment of paper went missing, or whatever.
  16. well, this one time we went to the pub for work, and got shitters and rooted 10 chicks
  17. Indicated 230 km/h, '05 Mustang GT Convertible w/ top down. Massive cowl shake and dragon ball Z hair.
  18. it isn't that impressive but I did 93 km/h on a jetski. engine was still cold and I hadn't much time.. it could do 120 km/h. 70/75 km/h on a quad or something. 40 on my skateboard lol.
  19. I have been in Lars87's Corvette, where it showed around 250-260 km/h. But that was as a passenger.

    I had my Clio showing 230 km/h but realistically it must have been around 200-210 km/h.

    Had a borrowed Alfa GTV V6 24V showing 240 km/h.
  20. BTW pics of that Volvo
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    I cant find good photos. There is some talk on a local forum about the car.

    It is used summer and winter as a commuter car. Behaves well in ordinary traffic. Engine is basic 1.85L from the standard T4. Revs to 9500rpm, but limit is kept at 9200-9300. No nitrous. The car would go faster, apparently the 293km/h run was far from perfect.

    And as for sleeper status... It fooled me...
  22. only got 205km/h (gps) in my old Thema

    But fastest was an indicated 260km/h in a Ferrari Daytona (passenger)
  23. "But fastest was an indicated 260km/h in a Ferrari Daytona (passenger)"

    Thread gains class <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  24. I topped off the speedometer in my 72' GMC on a secondary road. A pavng company a budy works for just finished off repaving the right side of a small secondary road and left it blocked off for me to give it a try.

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