Personalised Number Plates

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ReeK, Jul 20, 2007.

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  2. you can't get a personalised plate here.
  3. you can't here either, unless you work at the SAAQ / suck cocks.

    I still have my first license plate that I got with my first car, it's sentimental.
  4. I would get one that said titties
  5. I always wanted to get one on the firebird HELLS1 or something, because I'm Billy Bad Ass.
  7. I just remembered My Dad has one


    His first name is John, his Initials are JLL, but his nick name is Little Johnny because he's 5'3"
  8. Haha thats brilliant. The article states that 18750 was denied because someone complained and explained the signifigance of it, after it had been given out.
  9. I know that's wierd, I would never have guessed about 18750, I knew 187 was the code for murder in the US, but 50 is code for police?

    I saw one once BIGDIC
  10. MWMWMWM or B8B8B8B8
  11. I actually see those around here a lot. That and 1I1II1 and shit like that.
  12. I want to get the number plate


    cos of my name
  13. I have one. but there are certain plates I would buy if I owned certain cars. such as a Lamborghini Diablo my plate would be "blanco" and the word "el" would be put infront of diablo.
  14. O RLY is one id want.

  15. That sounds like alicense plate for an ElCamino.

    You mexican.
  16. i am getting a custom frame. does that count?
  17. which is?
  18. Killing cops you stupid n00b
  19. Its from an old TV show, Hawaii Five-O
  20. Yeah, my avatar is my license plate.

    I had my car serviced today and as I was leaving, a black Saleen S281 and a tungsten grey Roush 427 Stage 2 pulled in with 'HIS' and 'HERS' license plates - man, must be nice.
  21. I'm thinking about getting one next year.

    I can't decide between PRTYWGN, BLU BST, and EVOEATR.
  22. Bingo.
  23. Only fat ugly Americans would do that.

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