Petition to get "Chevy Power" banned!!!

Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe' started by 70SuperBee, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Re: Petition to get

    I am not saying that imports suck because American cars are faster in the quarter mile which is the best way to determine a car's true performance. 0-60 essentially means nothing but it does give a nice idea of the brute force of acceleration. However, a car can be quick getting to 60 mph but it can really bog down in acceleration afterwards. The 1/4 mile tells if the car still is accelerating quickly and tells its true straight line performance.

    And if I was alluding to many people liking European and Japanese cars because of The Fast and the Furious. I was just saying you see a lot more stupid teenage kids running around in old Civics and Accords with a LeMans-type 3 foot spoiler on the trunk lid and butt ugly body kits, desperately trying to be cool. They talk about their K&N air filter giving them 30 hp and 2 seconds off their ETs and crap like that. And also the kids now think that the 4-cylinder Japanese cars are the easiest to modify and get big power from, when they are definitely not. Hot Rod magazine did an article on it that shows this to be wrong. Go here to see for yourself -> . I don't see Boyd Coddington or any other high performance shop switching from the Chevy 350 and 454 along with the Ford 302 and 351 to 1.7L Honda and 1.8L Toyota 4-cylinders. You wonder why. Hmmmmm...I don't know, could it be we don't want to hear that crappy, headache-inducing 4 banger whine of a turbocharged, nitrous injected, 4-cylinder ticking time bomb under the hood? If I am ever going to listen to an engine scream its heart out it will be either a small or big block powered American muscle car, a Ferrari V8 or V12, a NASCAR Nextel Cup car, a NHRA Top Fuel 500 cubic inch Hemi, or a Formula 1 car engine.
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    I'm a college student and the insane number of Accords and Del Sol's with a pointless 90 lb spoiler on the back makes me want to puke.

    I believe that stupid kids my age and younger were influenced by The Fast and the Furious and have since thought that they can buy those turbo 4 cylinders, slap a huge spoiler on the back end, but some lights underneath the car (I really hate that), and think that they're hot stuff.

    The problem is they don't care about performance, they only care about what others think about how they look. I've never heard one of these guys talk about how powerful their car is, or how well it performs; they're more interested in what kind of subwoofer they’ve installed, or how many “NOS” stickers they can put on their car. The people who drive those cars are ignorant, and I think they give those cars a bad name. I don’t have anything against those Honda’s, per se, it’s the people who get them and do things to them just to be seen that I don’t like.

    The thing that makes me the most angry is that I believe that people my age buying these cars caused the lag in the sale for the pony-cars, which lead to GM’s horrible decision to end production of the Camaro and the Firebird (which is really upsetting for me because ever since I was 16 I was saving up for buying a SS Camaro, and then they took them off the market and to replace them Chevy gave me a goofy looking truck and a couple of no-power cars. Do you know how long it’s going to take me to save up for a Vette?)

    I’m not hating on Japanese/European cars, I’m just saying that I’m American, and I want an American car. If was Japanese, I probably would be driving a S2000, but I’m American, so I prefer cars that match American culture. Unfortunately I can see that culture slowly slipping away from me.

    More proof that American cars are reliable (I figured I would just throw these out here for the heck of it):
    My car: a 1995 Chevy Camaro, about 100,000 miles, the previous owner abused it for a few years, then let it sit up for a few more, then I got it as a graduation/birthday/Christmas present 5 years ago. The only thing ever to go wrong with the car was the master cylinder and the alternator (I’m not counting like oil changes and a new clutch b/c any car will have to have that stuff).

    My previous car: a 1986 Dodge Pickup, a little over 250,000 miles, original belts and hoses (yeah, I know that kind of stupid, but it’s also kind of cool, I want to take them out and put them on a plaque w/ the mileage). The power brake booster died, it’s a little rusty in the bed, and there is a crack in the seat, but other than that it runs like it’s brand new.
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    Originally posted by Lngnfltr

    Thing is, all import supporters say the same thing, Supra, Skyline,RX7, 300ZX. Half of those cars aren't even made anymore. Plus, those are the only fast cars from asia. Plus, they all need turbo charging. Turboes, what a joke, pain in the ass to take care of, turbo lag, what else..............American cars are the best performance for the dollar, end of story. Why can't importers argue that one!

    I know, I know..............cuz they can't.

    Lol this mother F**ker is stupid talking shit about Turbos a as*hole before you talk get some f**king knowledge about what your going to say…. first of all why the f**k you talking shit about Turbos if American muscle cars are also Turbocharged? lets see the viper venom 800 TT I wonder what TT means???? A let me see maybe Twin Turbocharged? what do you think dumb f**k???? A let me see what else?? Hmmm
    The LINGENFELTER which is your user name has the 427 TT I wonder what that same TT means? no shit as*hole Twin Turbocharged so next time you talk find out some info about what your going to say…. and dont talk out of your ass.....
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    and can you guys please post some fast 1/4 miles
    for the viper, Zo6, and the Camaro??? not stock

    And yes i just signed up thanks to the Stupid Shit that was coming out of Lngnfltrs mouth............
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    And yes i just signed up thanks to the Stupid Shit that was coming out of Lngnfltrs mouth............
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    WRX Beats the mustang GT ? at its own game ? Which game is that ? Because a stock WRX doesnt Beat Stock GT when it comes to 1.4 Mile .. ? As far as the STI .. ok Then lets see a Cobra .. Dont know where you get your stats but your dreams arent a very accurate or reliable source . I have a Z28 and i get

    60 foot time 1.630
    1/8 Mile ET 7.05
    1/8 Mile MPH 100.08
    1/4 Mile ET 11.05
    1/4 Mile MPH 125.53

    What japanese car for under $30K Can get that ? NONE! Except for in your wet jap dreams ...

    BTw i dont know how old this posts are but they simply p'ssed me off so bad i had to post ...

    Japanese cars are good ... Just good .. NOW European and American Cars are GREAT .. SImple as that .. if you want a good mileage car then buy a Honda .. IF you want a fast car and dont have money growing on a tree out back then Buy an american car ... Simple .
  7. Re: Petition to get is sad to see, I have a 2001 Camaro SS and people who don't even have the cars are saying stuff like they know. A Z06's top speed is well above 171, I promise this because I am friends with lets see......5 or 6 Z06 owners, and they all have been over those speeds and they are stock or mostly stock. Except for one guy who runs 11.007 in the quarter mile, and drives it home from the track, and to work the next morning, just like everyday.

    Japanese cars are OK to me, I just don't like the look sound or feel to them, but I respect them because I know what can and can't rip me a new ass. My car club just went on a cruise and we are all domestic, mostly F-bodies (Camaro/Firebird), and we had a few Supras and WRXs with us. One of the Supras had 638rwhp, and I watched it get beat by my very good friends Vette which has a little over 550rwhp on spray. That alone afirmed my decision that I don't want to have a Japanese car, my friends Vette was making goobs more torque that the Supra and he embarassed it.

    Japanese cars are a whole new world, and a diferent market too. They should be respected. I have seen shit that will blow your mind, and that is just the begining.

    BTW 1 ton=2,000lbs. Haha!! Ever use a carjack? Haha
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    i have to get back to a few things
    first of all, what is it with American as*holes that think that specs on paper are the only things that matter? Look at the JGTC, Vipers lose to Supras, Skylines and NSXs ALL THE TIME!!
    secondly, yes the z06 accelerates faster than the NSX, and the NSX costs more...but it handles a lot better than the vette.
    third, somebody had a problem with japanese cars costing more than american cars...well that's because the gov't attaches a higher tariff on imports so that they make more money off of them. and the price of the nsx doesn't compare to that of the viper.
    fourth, and probably last..Hondas are probably more easy to customize than american cars because of the large american and japanese following in the states.
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    I love it how guys that really drive POS civics defend jap cars by throwing out stats from cars you rarely see on the street! compare the amount of Camaros Mustangs and vettes you see on the street compaired to number of NSX's and Supras. keep driving your civics and then defending the jap car industries with there supras and NSX's and who ever said that the NSX handels better then the Z06. there wrong.
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    Re: Petition to get

    OK, fist of all who the hell cares about the Japanese GT Championship? Obviously none of the Big Three American manufacturers. After checking the JGTC entry list I saw only ONE American car, a Mosler MT900R, among all the other Japanese and European cars. Of coarse the Americans are going to lose big time if there is only ONE American car entered! The American corporations much prefer to showcase their cars on much larger stages such as ALMS, NASCAR, NHRA and IRL rather than waste their time on the JGTC.

    I would love to see where Vipers lose to Supras, Skylines, and NSXs (now that I must see!) It is entirely possible but by the time you are done with all the modifications under the hood, do the chassis, driveline and suspension work, you would have spent enough (car cost plus parts) to buy a new Corvette Z06 or maybe even a new Viper which can deliver that performance right from the factory. Heck you could buy a nice used Firebird Trans Am for how much would be spent of modifications as all import car performance parts cost a fortune.

    Where do you get this thing that the NSX handles better than a Corvette Z06? The Z06 will wipe the floor with the NSX in terms of lap times around a track and on the drag strip. In a Road & Track magazine comparison test, the Z06 AVERAGED 3 seconds faster around a relatively wet track! Three seconds is HUGE and this is a wet track we are talking about! The Z06 would distance itself further from the NSX if it was a dry track. Race track performance is what counts for any performance car.

    If you are looking for performance for the dollar, which we all are, American cars beat out the Jap cars hands down. The price of the NSX totally compares to the Viper as the Viper is cheaper than the NSX!!! A brand spankin' new Dodge Viper SRT-10 has an MSRP of $81,890 compared to a new Acura NSX which has an MSRP of $89,000. So if I read your message right you are saying that the NSX may only have a true price of say, $75,000 and that it is such a bargain at that price. Even if I was impressed with the NSX's performance I would still shell out the $6,890 more for the Viper SRT-10 which is an overall better car.

    Well duh the Hondas are way easier to CUSTOMIZE than American cars because all you are is a poser with your 2 foot rear spoiler in the wrong place (adding un-needed weight to the rear of a front wheel drive car when you want to keep as much off the rear as you can), ugly ass body kits (more un-needed weight and totally ugly!), tons of decals (more weight, but they hardly weigh a thing, they are just ugly), huge sound systems (TONS of weight and not impressed), loud, annoying and laughable fart pipes (wow, an increase of 2 hp and it sounds like shit). And in the end, all it does is make you the laughing stock of a vast majority of the general population and only seen as cool in a very small select minority of losers and my MOM'S stock 200 hp '03 Impala LS will blow the doors off your shitbox shoebox of a 'car'.

    Oh and if you were talking about performance customization, read this ----> and see that Hondas are very expensive and complicated to modify under the hood. And this was just under the hood. It does not speak about how much it would cost to upgrade the driveline (clutch, halfshafts (which will bust all the time no matter how good) transmission, differential) and the suspension for even better straight line and handling performance which you will need, and frame stiffening. American cars, mainly muscle and pony cars, are far cheaper to modify and there is a vast marketplace of parts to upgrade them. Just go to and, the biggest names in online performance parts catalogs, and check out how big their sport compact car sections are. They are about 5% to 10% of the total site, the remaining 90-95% is devoted to AMERICAN cars.

    If you are going to talk like you know it all, at least research the topic before hand please!! I don't like to type so much to preach the truth about American cars being better than the Jap imports to others.
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    Ever hear of the Dodge SRT-4 (230 hp turbocharged 2.4L), Chrysler PT Cruiser GT (220 hp turbocharged 2.4L), Ford SVT Focus (170 hp naturally aspirated 1.7L) or the upcoming Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged (205 hp supercharged 2.0L)?

    Oh and dare I forget, the Dodge SRT-4 can be modified with the Mopar Stage 3 turbo kit (currently under testing) to produce 300 hp and 300 ft-lbs of torque. So far the Stage 2 kit makes 265 hp and 280 ft-lbs of torque and using high octane it makes 280 hp and 300 ft-lbs of torque. The PT Cruiser GT Stage 1 makes 240 hp and 260 ft-lbs of torque.

    I guess you must have conveinently forgot about them.
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    every one talking about chevy this and chevy that. thats all america has is CHEVY! AND THE CORVETTE! you look at other places and you see the skyline and nsx, murcielago and enzo you domstic lover cant even say the viper! or ford gt! all your answers are the lingenfilter corvette is god! you put the lingenfilter at a race track like aprcot hill or lemans race way and you will see it aint nothing! an NSX can beat that new vette coming out later this year!. Lamborghini Gallardo can out run the Z06 in every aspect! so the day when chevy comes out with a better car than the vette like a mid engined one then chevy will have something to go for!
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    Dude you want to know why there are so many people nuts about the Corvette? It is because it is THAT good! A crappy Acura NSX ($90,000 for a 290 hp V6! Porsche gives far better 6 cylinders with truckloads more power for the same price.) hasn't a prayer against the new Corvette or a Z06 for that matter. Road & Track magazine did a comparison test with an Acura NSX, Porsche 911 Carrera and a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and guess what car came in last? That's right, the NSX! And guess who came in first? The Z06. The NSX came in a whole 2 seconds slower around Laguna Seca than the Z06, two seconds is huge! Put a Dodge Viper SRT-10 or a Ford GT in the test and they would put up even lower lap times than the Z06 and in the process further own the supposedly "great" NSX.

    The Lingenfelter Corvette in the right hands would own the competition at the race track. Put it in the hands of an average Joe or Jane and it would be nothing and the Vette would be beaten badly. However in the hands of a seasoned race car driver it would be unbeatable as they would be able to harness and use all 802 hp and 866 lb-ft of torque.

    The Corvette is a very special car which it seems you don't know. I have sat in a Corvette Z06 and it felt like something very very special because it is. Its a Corvette for god sakes! Just being in its presense is amazing and it screams that its something special. I have been around a few Acura NSXs in my life and I don't feel anything. It does not have the auora surrounding it saying its special.

    The NSX is overrated. The NSX is supposedly so high tech and they go through so much pain to make it as light as possible and it is quite light at 3100 lbs because of its all aluminum construction. But the Corvette Z06 on the other hand is a larger car (rather big for a sports car) and has a fiberglass body and a unit steel frame but it weighs only 20 lbs more than the NSX. Oh and the Corvette does not need to be mid-engined. It has overall better weight distribution than the NSX with a 56/44 to a 43/57.

    I know you are going to say the NSX has such an advanced engine, DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder, all aluminum construction. Big whoop! It still makes just 290 hp and an appaling 224 lb-ft of torque. But it has VTEC which makes it like god! NOT! VTEC has one purpose, to make the car driveable in every day driving because the car makes its horsepower and torque at such high RPM. The Z06 has an "old tech" OHV V8 but it has all aluminum construction too. It does not matter what your valvetrain configuration is or if you have variable valve timeing, it is how much you can crank out and crank out does the Z06, 405 hp 400 lb-ft of torque. But it does not have variable valve timing, oh no! It doesn't need it because the Z06 has low end torque.

    I should also mention that the Corvette C6 is essentially the same as the Corvette C5 Z06. It can smoke the NSX on the track just as good if not better than the Z06. Sure 0-60 is slower but that is meaninless, the C6 actually does the quarter mile faster than the Z06. The C6 has a little lower skidpad numbers but not much and it still corners and handles the road and track like a dream. The NSX hasn't a prayer against the new Corvette just like it didn't against a Z06. I can't wait till there is a comparison test to see how badly the NSX gets it's ass whooped by the Corvette C6.

    I would hope the Lamborghini Gallardo would out run the Z06 in every aspect as it costs more than $100,000 more than the Corvette Z06! It would shame the great Lamborghini name if it didn't.

    Chevrolet will never come out with a better car than the Corvette and why would they? The Corvette is known and respected world wide and that is something that very few cars can claim to be.
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    GODAM DUDE! the NSX beat the new corvette C6 in a drag race i seen it on top gear!. The lingefilter couldnt race on a track it would lose there thats way to much hosre power no even the fastest car in the world has that much horse. All i got to say is you see and drive next to a Murcielago and you wont get corvette fever anymore! that sound is better than any muscle car i have ever herd!. an NSX is just i nice car to look at. Theres two Gallardos coming out there the current one thats faster than the C6. and a GT coming out in 2006 its going to have more than 600hp and will even take on that new C6 Z06.
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    Dude, work on your English, grammer and spelling. Ok, first of all whomever was in the Corvette C6 couldn't drive the car worth a damn and the NSX really jumped the line. If they could have driven the Vette properly it would have either won or came in a very close second. The Corvette C6 can do a 12.7 @ 113. The best I have seen an Acura NSX do is a 13.4 @ 106 mph. Do you honestly believe the NSX is still faster than the C6? Oh and dare I forget that the Corvette C6 was the 10th fastest car around Top Gear's test track and here is the company the C6 is in.

    1. Mercedes-McLaren SLR - 1.20.9
    2. Ford GT - 1.21.9
    3. Ferrari 360 CS - 1.22.3
    3. Porsche GT3 RS - 1.22.3
    5. Murcielago - 1.23.7
    6. Zonda - 1.23.8
    7. Koenigsegg - 1.23.9
    8. Noble - 1.25.0
    9. Gallardo - 1.25.8
    10. Corvette C6 - 1.26
    11. Lotus Exige - 1.26.4
    12. Porsche 911 GT3 - 1.27.2

    There is too much power in the Lingenfelter Corvette 427 Twin Turbo? If 800 hp is too much for a racetrack then how come Formula 1 cars can race with over 900 hp, NASCAR Nextel Cup cars with 800 hp and IRL cars with around 600 to 700 hp? Sure they are pure race cars but they manage to race with all that power. Also the LPE Corvette 427 TT has its chassis and suspension heavily modified to deal with all that power. The cornering was improved with the LPE Corvette as it posts a 1.01g and the stock C5 posts a .91g. I am quite sure the LPE Corvette can be very competitive around a track, if not blow the doors off the competition.

    I love the Lamborghini's and all the European cars and would certainly take a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche or Aston Martin over a Corvette if I was given a choice. I love the sound the Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and Porsche's make. I dream of a yellow '99 Lamborghini Diablo SV, orange Lamborghini Murcielago, red '05 Ferrari 360 Spider 6-speed, a red Ferrari F50, red '57 Ferrari 250 GT California Spider, maroon Maserati Spider Vintage 6-speed, silver '04 Porsche 911 GT2, white '74 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.0 and finally a blue '05 Aston Martin DB7 GT.

    All I am saying is that the Corvette is one of the best sports cars in the world and defending its name. Is that too much?
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    Ok you have proven your point! For those cars that are overrated you forgot to add the Ferrari Enzo because gezz every thinks its this and that and SOB hasnt raced!

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