Peugeot 207 for Latin America is a restyled 206

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Homero, May 20, 2008.

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    Not funny joke from Peugeot to Latin American costumers.
    The "new 207" made in Brasil and Argentina is a restyled 207 with not a single nut from the european 207.

    More info and pics:
  2. Good, because I love the 206
  4. actually, it is pretty funny.
  6. latin america lol. even asia doesn't get #$%#ed that hard these days does it?
  7. in China they make fake x5's....
  8. So they've ruined what was actually good about the 206.
  9. #$%#ing hate it
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  11. Brazil never gets tired of getting #$%#ed in the ass. It would be alright if the price was low, but charging as much they will for a 10 year old car with an ugly face is a #$%#ing crime. And people will buy it, which is revolting.
  12. Nonsense Brazil is #1 you are just jealous

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