Peugeot reveals 908HY Hybrid LMP1 for 2009

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by rabbitl1, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Today at Silverstone, Peugeot ran a few parade laps in the latest version of their 908 LMP1 car. This one carried a silver livery covered in lightning bolts to signify this car's modified hybrid power.

    The ACO announced today that hybrids would be able to run in ACO competition, but not for points as they don't really have a clear grasp of what kind of performance they can expect from hybrid racers.
  2. More Pics:
  3. Such a shame the 908 is an ugly thing.
  4. It's definitely not the best looking LMP, it makes up for it by being the fastest!

    I REALLY hope Peugeot sticks around for Laguna Seca after Petit Le Mans so I can see them! We should be getting 2 Lola coupes for Petit though.
  5. that car is so badass.
    I think it looks beautiful.
  6. You would.
  7. You're posting again? Why'd you drop out of the SCN challenge man? You were right in the thick of things!
  8. I agree.

    Any word on how competitive they expect this car to be? They must have some idea.
  9. I really like any LMP1 Coup... soo..... SO HOT!
  10. how does it sound? Like shit?
  12. The Peugeot doesn't look bad from the front, but remember its all about SPEED....and in that respect the Peugeot 908 is at the top of its class.
  13. Well the electric motor isn't running all the time, but someone on another forum said it was almost silent while driving down pitlane (as in far quieter than the diesels already are).

    I've heard for the 2010 regulations, there will be not just a maximum db level, but also a minimum db level. They've realized people don't want to hear race cars that sound like dishwashers...

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