Peugeot's hybrid concept

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  1. Due to be launched at this year's Paris Motor Show, Peugeot's stunning new hybrid concept car has been revealed!

    Auto Express Car Reviews
    By Tom Phillips
    20th August 2008

    Peugeot’s new lion is set to roar in! Currently a work in progress, the RC… will be unveiled at the French maker’s home motor show, Paris, this October.

    Styled by Peugeot’s new design boss Jerome Gallix, the rakish four door, four seater coupe follows on from previous RC Spade and RC Diamond concept cars of 2002, and the eccentric rear engined V12 diesel 908RC luxury saloon revealed at the 2006 Paris show.

    But whereas these previous efforts boasted glamorous looks and conventional petrol or diesel engines, the RC…’s headturning shape debuts Peugeot’s hybrid powertrain.

    Although details are scarce, Peugeot has announced that the RC…’s engine will produce up to 313bhp, while emitting just 109g/km of CO2, or 0g/km when in full electric mode.
  2. LOL @ Peugeot for making such awesome concepts but f*ck it on the production cars...
  3. this might become the next-gen 509
  4. It looks like a 4 door Audi R8
  6. this would be pretty much the first hybrid to look good.
  8. lol
  9. A hybrid 908 LMP1 car may debut next year
  10. !!

    Also agree with Joao's comment.

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