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Discussion in '2001 Ford Falcon 300' started by Tickford5400, Jan 1, 2003.

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    Well guy's after a few weeks of trying to sell the EL privately and to no succession i decided to trade it in for the au1 xr8. I should pick it up just after chirtmas as it's yet to be road worthied and also have a few slight problems looked at as agreed in the sale. Car is auto so that will be different. Only ever brought up on manuals my EA spack was a manual so's my xr6. I think first most should be a shift kit just to ease the pain a little. Cars galaxy blue with bodykit and 17" wheels. I'll get pics probably just after next year. Have a god christmas and new years fellas.
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    Same to you mate.
    Post pics in my forum when you get them.
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    wheres your forum?
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    Do I have to be a paying member to go in? I just clicked on your link and entered but other tiems its says im not a premium member and cant enter.
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    WOW that's so serious power, Ford needs to get going on this one! Whew man. I love the Cobra Mustang, this makes me feel as if they are going to make GT four doors again like the Yamaha inspired SHO.. Nice job Ford!

    The Killer

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