Phil Spector used to own one of these.

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  1. Record Producer Phil Spector owned the 67 model. He never took care of it though. He got rid of the car and over 30 years later (a couple of years ago) Motor-Trend found the car at some old woman's house. Motor Trend tried to buy it from her, but she refused the offer. She's afraid that if she would have sold it, eventually Phil Specter would show up asking for it again. She was a real loony. Phil Specter is an idiot too. He let the car go to shit. It was all rusted,carroated, and falling apart when Motor Trend found it.
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    theres a 65' being built for me right now, it should be bad ass when its done, all it needs is the body fitted and painted.
  3. Cobra Daytona coupes were not produced in 67. The one Specter owned was #1.

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