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Discussion in '2010 ABT AS8' started by BlueSlug, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. While the mods definitely look great, my trained eye tells me that these are photoshopped press shots, similar to that of the Rinspeed Chopster I commented on previously.

    Mk5's are nice and all, but i think ABT should have tried a more old-skool look on this one, make it look more like a Mk1 GTi.
  2. dumbass :p
    have u ever tried photoshopping cars? making a car that perfect, then making two extremely convicin pictures would take decades!
  3. [decades] For the untrained...

    Just for fun, what's wrong with this [attached] picture? I'll give you a hint - it has been PS'd (and I'm not good at all with the program). It didn't take me more than a couple hours, either. I only post as an example that you can do a decent job, even if untrained, in short time. Also, I want to see how easy it is for others to spot what's wrong.
  4. 1 R U sure?

    2 why abt needs to make a fake photo?
  5. the sixth point you added to th rear wheel is obvious

    The spoiler looks like it is added as-well

    Oh and it looks like you just fuzzed up a few things but it could just be shitty pic quality
  6. He is right the the photo is photoshopped just look at the lights you can tell they are not real(no glare) I know somebody is probably going to say that there are camera lenses that reduce glare, which is true but they do exsactly that REDUCE glare they dont eliminate glare. But to say the photo is fake is wrong it isnt fake it is just altered.

    BTW I know there is the MT900R that comes with a spoiler like this but it just looks like this one is added.
  7. It took you a couple of hours to remove a Mercedes-Benz?
  8. It is a photoshop job, as this is the pic they started with!!
  9. but WHY abt needs to photoshop official pics?
  10. Well maybe the development of the kit isnt done yet ?

    Take a good look at the tailpipes and the logo on the rear of the abt, thats definetly photoshopped ,, and not too good of a job either
  11. indeed. i shouldn't have said fake, you're right. a better word is altered or edited. but yeah, just like the Rinspeed Chopster i mentioned, they used a press photo and ps'ed it, probably because their product was not yet finished and ready for photographing. abt makes great products, and the kit looks really nice, but i have had years of experience with photoshop and can do things like that myself, and i *know* this photo is altered. add to that the real press shot someone posted, and it's hard to deny it.
  12. There is no sixth point, that's the glare from behind the wheel.
    Spoiler is stock mosler.
  13. It's not a MB, and with 3000+ posts you should know that. It's a Mosler MT 900

    Anyways, what you've PS'd on there is the vents on the back deck over the rear wheels. Is that it, or did I miss something?
  14. Those vents do look pretty good though..... maybe you should talk to Warren about that...
  15. it's not a MB. The MB was removed as was said here...

    "It took you a couple of hours to remove a Mercedes-Benz?"

    You got it. No, it didn't take me a couple of hours to remove the MB. I'm just making the point that it doens't take long to alter something. Besides, I said I'm not good at all with PS. Have hardly ever used it. The "blurry" comment was correct, as well. The street where the MB was is not the best quality.

    Thanks for all the guesses! Some made sense (weird looking rims), and others were the most logical thing to do to a car in PS (add-on wings, etc).

    P.S. Did you actually know that picture, or did you just search for the pic in question? If it was the latter, the point was to see if you could spot the PS'd part of the image without outside help.
  16. I'm not so sure that the picture and example given were an accurate test of "what's wrong with this scene." It probably should have been something you photoshopped on the car which had it's picture taken, because that's the original point of the thread, not that a car was taken out of the background, but that the car in the foreground was altered. Not only that, but your post was misleading in that it was made to seem that the alteration in question was of the Mosler itself, and not the rubber-stamping of a car out of the picture. There was no way for anybody not familiar with the picture to know that a car had been taken out. IMHO, a more accurate test would have been to change something on the Mosler, so anybody with a knowledge of the car itself would have been subject to the test, and not just those who had seen this exact picture.
  17. Sorry - I did that picture at least a year ago. I did it because I didn't want another car in the picture just cluttering up one of my desktop backgrounds. Posting it wasn't to show off my talents (I stated I don't have any, anyway). It wasn't to prove people couldn't tell. It wasn't to prove people could. I didn't specify because asking "what's wrong with the road right above the Mosler?" defeats the point of my putting it there. I realize it was off topic. Maybe that's my fault, but it was supposed to be a fun little game, not an overly scrutinized post. I just wanted to see if someone could spot the faults. If you're good at analyzing photos for fraud, it should have jumped right out at you. If you're not, play the game if you like.

    If you would like a car to see if you can tell what's been done to the car, try this one for size. I'd guess it shouldn't be too hard. It's a real P of S, or PS'd pic. I want that car in NFS:U2.

    EDIT: HA! I just realized! There WAS a car taken out of the VW pic. Kind of ironic that you would criticize me for doing exactly what was done to the original post's pic (even though I did it way before this pic was released).
  18. Woah. That new one's HOT!! Especially the stickers!

    Yeah, I realize there was a car taken out of the background, but that wasn't the intent of the post.
  19. It looks almost as good as this... My co-workers 10 year old kid made this almostimpossibletofindfake pic....
  20. Someone must. Way to be immature.
  21. Well, I work with these things every day. The photo is doctored, anyone could see that... I've done neater mods on cars than these official pics of ABT.
  22. Well i agree that it is fake, but it looks nice, doesn't it?
  23. ABT looks nice photoshop or not, so why does it matter?

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