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  1. Photo dorks, do you people still take pics or what?

    Visited an island today. Took some pics.

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  8. I'm doing a wedding in September, but other than that I haven't done any just for fun in ages. Feel kinda bad about that.

    Constantly annoying myself with ebay though - I really want to get something medium format again since my Hasselblad passed away, but my money is always being spent on other things.
  9. i can relate. i haven't done anything noteworthy for months. all this expensive gear and no time to shoot and shit lol.

    also: i want a mountainbike now. drove one all day and i liked it a lot. but i also want to go to asia...goddamn priorities.
  10. I've got a backlog of 11 rolls to develop, most of it dating back to Canada. Need to develop it before I go away again.

    I also want to buy an XPAN. Maybe as a Christmas present to myself.
  11. Yes, I do but its mostly cars.
  12. I haven't taken anything worthwhile for quite some time. I guess mostly because I haven't really been on vacation in a while. The only pictures I really take these days are on my phone.
  13. Not really, doing it as a job sucks the joy out of it.

    I did lug my DSLR around Japan for two weeks last year, most of my shots are pretty touristy snapshots, though. Here's a few of the less touristy ones.

    1. Nagoya Castle, I like this one because of the cheesy posing by the couple in the foreground
    2. Went to the Grand Prix, got very wet.
    3. Hibiya Park, Tokyo
    4. Imperial Palace
    5. View from Hotel in Shibuya. That orange glow in the centre was a very active gas flare in Yokohama.
    6. A pavilion in the garden of Meiji Shrine.
    7. Barrels of Sake, Meiji Shrine
    8. Shibuya crossing. This was taken through glass that everyone else presses up against to take this photo, hence the glare and softness.
    9. Pedestrian mall outside Akihabara station, just trying out my latest lens, handheld.
    10. Back alley in Akihabara, one of the "maids" trying to get people to go to a Maid Cafe

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  14. Lately, about 95% of the time I'm using my camera it's for paid car shoots. The other 5% is basically family photos. Until this week, I hadn't taken any photos of anything else in more than a year. Might end up with some nice stuff and I'll post some if I do. Haven't looked through them yet.
  15. nice. want to go there sometime. so expensive though.
  16. I'm used to Australian prices, it wasn't that bad. A good meal at a restaurant can be had for 1200 yen (8.6 euro). Really only food, beer and hotels are the only expense. The JR rail pass for foreigners is good value if you take a trip on the bullet train, and allows you to travel on JR trains for free (really handy in Tokyo).
  17. Cool. How bad is the english there? Japan always comes across as one of the few countries where noone knows english and all the signs are in their native tongue.
  18. I only went with less than a months notice, and didn't have much chance to learn much of the language. I was expecting to be continually looking through the translation book, but by the second or third day it stayed in the hotel.

    The service workers in the touristy parts of Tokyo (everything within the Yamanote train line) are generally good. Most transactions have formalised procedures, which makes it easy to buy things or order meals. Most restaurants number their dishes, and most shops will have the price display on the register or write it down. Hotels that deal with foreigners will also have a person that will tell taxi drivers where to take you, or will write "Where is this place" in Japanese on a map, which you could show any local in the street.

    There is English translations on pretty much all the signs and announcements on trains have an English version after the Japanese announcement. Getting around is fairly easy, as everything is very organised.

    A lot of communication is non-verbal, which is fairly easy to pick up.

    You will see funny slogans written across clothing, my favourite being "I'm not really much to look at" because that is much more subtle than outright profanity.

    You can never say "thank you" enough.

    Just don't do what I saw two American blokes do, which was go around calling themselves "gaijin" continually as they ignored the standard etiquette.

    I think there is a general acceptance in the touristy parts that people won't know the language. The only exception that I encountered was the Nikon shop in Ginza.

    The biggest language barrier was actually running into Western looking people who didn't speak English. Being the only white people in a particular scenario and saying a friendly hello and getting a "que?" back is interesting. At the Grand Prix, we had a Spanish guy tagging along with us because he was struggling with the language barrier, because it can almost be guaranteed that no-one speaks Spanish.
  19. Japan is on my to go list, but New York is before it.

    Im currently aiming for a possible Italy-Riviera-Spain motorcycle tour for next summer, this depends a lot how friends will plan things. I have this thing to see Route Napoleon.

    Similarly I have promised to go to Isle of Man TT -16 or -17. Which I would take as photoshoot opportunity.

    Less photography has been the trend here too. Trackside shooting has kept the battery in working condition.

    Highlite of this summer, I didnt wheelie myself in the same place, though noticed front getting lighter on some better openings.

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    Not photography, but video... but here's a quick little thing I shot of the RM Sotheby's Pinnacle Portfolio back when I shot the entire collection (minus two cars) a while back.

    They're going across the block in about two and a half hours so I'll be watching online to see how they do.

    Very, very new to video (this is the first video I've ever done any real editing, like cuts and transitions on), but I'm happy with the results considering it was something I shot real quick while waiting on other things.
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    very excited for this auction. can't wait to see what some of it goes for or if all of the collection goes
  22. There were some significant no sales, the 250 SWB Comp being the most notable. Stalled around $13MM, I believe. The big car of the night was the 250 LM which went for an impressive $17.6MM. The Pope's Enzo did well, too, selling for over $6MM.
  23. Awesome auction. The name pinacle portfolio makes me cringe though
  24. from what I remember only 3 (or 4, not sure if the toyota sold) didn't sell. grant you they were important cars but pretty good for a mostly reserve auction
  25. Definitely. And most were well in the estimate range, if not above it. The auction was definitely a success, I just wish the Cal Spyder and SWB would have sold.

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