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    Yes? Good Idea? Oke dan!

  2. I was browsing my photo's of the past year. Came to the conclusion I still have lots of sorting to do :p Even forgot about some of the events I visited.

    Came across this 918. Awesome color!
    Porsche 918 Spyder
    by Sebastian J. Photography, on Flickr
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  3. [​IMG]

    My favourite shot of last year i think
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    This is cropped from the middle of a 10MP image. I need a longer lens.

    Also, I edited it but I'm using a TV, so the white balance is probably way off.
  5. I've hardly picked up a camera in the last 18 months. Looking forward to a holiday so I can change that…

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  6. How was Taipei? I have heard good things.
  7. This looks like a level in COD MW3
  8. I am currently on a plane to San Francisco for a shoot. Was asked about my schedule Tuesday, flight was booked Wednesday, flying back tonight and have to have the photos to the client over the weekend. Definitely one of the quickest trips yet.
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  9. Any hints to what the car is?
  10. I took this photo of a Bandicoot on my phone.

  11. did he spin around lots and have a mask hovering over his head?
  12. That tower is awesome! very cool city

    Yeah, I'd like a little more focal length as well. But more importantly, I wish I could take pics from better positions around the track. There are only a few good spots at Zandvoort without other people or objects in the way...

    Did you attend an Historic Grand Prix? How did you like it?

    I just finished my degree finally. Really looking forward to spend some more time on photography again. In the last few years I basicly only took my camera with me to some car events. I really should do some animal, nature, landscapes again.

    I have the hardest time composing city or building shots...
  13. Yes, I went to the first day of this last Saturday, with a couple of old school friends. The weather was pretty horrible come the afternoon, but I saw some nice stuff going around. I still haven't gone through my photos but I'll put some pictures up soon. That orange one was part of the HSCC Historic Formula 2 International series. Had a good time, and it was good to practice some of this sort of thing again. I'm going to try to get to more stuff this year
  14. Sweet :) I'm especially looking forward to your shots of the pre-50 Grand Prix cars and pre-56 sportscars.
  15. It's annoying how you lose your eye after not shooting for a while, too. I bring my camera with me to work every day but I can't take photos on set, then the weekend comes and I'm just too tired to bother.

    After I leave France I'll be spending 6 weeks in Asia. I can't wait to just wander around and feel like I'm a part of the world again.
  16. It's really awesome. Lots of things to do, friendly people, no crime whatsoever, cleanest city i've been to, great public transport, awesome food, night markets etc. etc.

    They only downside to Taiwan in general is that they hardly speak any English.
  17. Mostly these days I just take pictures of my niece

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  18. Kids are hilarious
  19. So this lens is pretty fkin wide Test.jpg
  20. EF-S10-18mm f/4.5-5.6
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  21. This one
  22. You can all marvel at my solar-powered keyboard, too.
  23. But there's no daylight in your fapbunker, how does it charge?
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