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  1. I mean, it's heavy (~2.4kgs with prism, from memory), but it's fucking solidly well built. A better measure is how cumbersome it is, but that also varies depending on your level of 'dedication' - some people are fine with photos from their phone; some people lug 8x10's. I carried my 67 on my shoulder through Asia for 3 months and didn't regret it any more than any other camera. #anecdotal

    Yeah, my 67 came with the MLU. In daylight, I never stray under 1/focallength on any camera, and to be quite honest didn't ever go under 1/125th on the 105 anyway. If I did night stuff I'd have definitely used it, but if you want it as a daylight camera there's no need.
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  2. Dunno man, I don't think it's any different really. A moment is a moment. I miss moments on digital the same as I miss them on film.
  3. Try going for a 3 week hike while wondering if the shitty xrays on your flight in ruined the film o_O
    Eventually you just let it go and accept what happens.
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  4. Too hilly for Auckland. Not Wellington enough for Wellington.

  5. I would forsee some long exposure stuff since I really enjoy it, so I guess MLU would be the way to go for me?
  6. I been taking some photos that I'm pretty happy with lately.

    I guess Instagram has butchered the quality but whatevs.

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  7. Correcto.
  8. What's your IG?
  9. @ Archaeopteryx

    Love that second photo. Looks like a vintage ad where some tall blonde chick in a chic trench coat blowing in the wind would be standing against the car looking out at the water
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  10. "kjetilkolset"

    Wow, thank you so much! Great to hear that it gives that kind of vibe.
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  11. An house?
  12. Yeah I had to ask the same thing. From some Joe Schmoe on the internet:

    It used to be common for 'an' to be used before words beginning with 'h' where the stress was not on the first syllable. Hotel fits this category, and this rule is still commonly followed in USA, but has fallen out of use in the UK. If the 'h' is silent, of course, as in 'hour', 'an' is used.

    AFAIK, we don't really use an for hotel often in the US. I'm guessing it's an old timey thing.
  13. i see a red door and i want to paint it black
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  14. As a backwoods redneck growing up, Twisted Metal: Black introduced me to that song / Rolling Stones / classic rock.
  15. One form of this still in use is "an honour".
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  16. Yeah definitely, any long exposure and you'll get the tell-tale signs. Plus it probably adds a bit of resale to the camera, if that's important.
  17. Fair enough.

    Do you have any Mamiya RB67 experience?
  18. I've held one, but that's about it. I found it more cumbersome than the Pentax and less of a "you can travel with it" type camera, but that's not to say people don't travel with them. As with any MF camera, the glass is always great and you'll get great images out of one, but usability is a personal thing…
  19. BLURB is having a black friday sale btw.

    50% off through the 29th by using code FANTASTICFIFTY

    Just read the details and it's good for up to 5 uses. Pretty sweet deal. I'm making mine now.
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  20. Shit, that's good. Their coupons pop up all the time, and I only order from them when the discounts are up, but it's normally 25% or less. 50% is quite significant, I'll probably reprint one of my books.

  21. Hey man! Quick question. What DPI do you set your images at when creating the book? I see the site suggests 150-300 dpi. It's been a long time, like maybe a decade since I've printed anything from a digital media. So... when I go into photoshop and change my photo from the default 72 dpi I think it is, and change it to 300... the file size grows to right around a gig. Is this the correct way to do this? Am I missing something simple?

    I'm basically taking the RAW image, editing to my liking in lightroom, and then saving it as a jpeg. Then changing the jpeg's DPI via photoshop.

    I feel like I'm either over-complicating it or missing something truly obvious. How do you prepare yours?
  22. Uhm, weird. My raw files are natively at 300dpi. Check out the stats bellow the image. This is a raw file opened on Adobe Camera Raw:

    Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 6.15.00 PM.png

    So, I click on that blue text and it gives me options that I can change, including the DPI number. Maybe you need to find this on Lightroom -- Adobe Camera Raw is basically the same thing as Lightroom, but with a different interface. So you should have this option somewhere in there.

    The file that comes out of this raw is a 300DPI jpeg with less than 3MB. So changing the DPI of the jpeg is not the way to go, I guess.
  23. Interesting, thank you! Not at my PC right now but perhaps when I export it from raw to jpeg, that's where the dpi gets messed with. I'd guess my raw files are similar to yours that you showed me an example of. I'll take a look when I'm home

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