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  1. Panzer being so aggressively Albertan is one of my favorite things.
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  2. What are the characteristics of being Albertan? Or is it just the outdoorsiness?
  3. Alberta license plates
  4. I've been trying to get in the water almost every day this summer. More swims than photos taken actually. Good therapy.

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  5. Nice picture. Where is this from?
  6. Pretty much here, looking in this direction…
  7. Sounds cold.
  8. Also do you own a boat?
  9. Nah not cold at all in summer - quite a nice shallow shelf between the mainland and Kapiti island.
    No boat (yet), just a disregard for camera safety.
  10. If the water is less than 25C here, nobody goes in the water. Gets up to 31C during the peak of summer.
  11. *cough* pansies *cough*

  12. might as well run a bath
  13. There is a point in summer in which the water is hotter than the (still hot) air. But still, water has a cooling effect that being out in the sun does not. The Dead Sea gets even hotter. It's like swimming in soup.
  14. why are people fighting over this country again
  15. Beats the hell out of me.
  16. Sometimes my grandad digs through his possessions and gives me something he thinks I'd like. The kitsch coffee set was a good one, but this is the best yet

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  17. Oh man I bloody love a good bellows. Have you had the chance to use it yet? Got any plans on what you'll start with?
  18. I've had enough of a play around to understand how to make it work. I'd like to do some more insects i think.

    I've had to mount an extension tube on the body in order to mount my DSLR on it because the grip gets in the way. I suppose an old FM2 wouldn't have any clearance issues.
  19. What does one do with bellows in this modern era of photography?
  20. Macro
  21. Some stuff I had Instagrammed during my little vacation.
  22. Surprised you made it out alive
  23. Why wouldn't I?
  24. Third one is quite nice. Lacking detail, but otherwise nice.

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