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  1. Probably doesnt need to be, but just preferable. For travelling.
    Ebay Australia has 20% off tech today, so probably should decide soon
    Will a DSLR be ok if you just want to stand and hold it to take photos? Like I said, I dont want to have to use a tripod to take photos.

    Nikon D3400 DSLR
    Olympus TG5 P&S
    GoPro Hero 6 Action Cam
  2. Went for a quick trip to visit some family. Took a quick shot of the truck.
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  3. I've been lucky enough to get a few shoots the past few months, and a few more scheduled. These are some shots from my first two, where I was 100% winging it and praying that at least one or two photos would turn out well. I was really happy with a few of them.

    The first was for a friend's daughter's 1st birthday.


    2nd one, a friend with her boyfriend and dog

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Unless you're going to be throwing yourself off cliffs into the sea I think paying a premium for "tough" cameras is going to be a waste. Small point and shoots are not difficult to keep protected, either in their own small case or just in the bag you're carrying.

    If you are dead set on using them underwater then sure, but for everything else you're potentially just going to end up with a bulkier camera that costs more for no real reason.

    Canon SX730 may be a better Idea, or something like it. Same price as the Oly above, but with TEN times the optical zoom capability, 21Mp vs 12Mp, Same size screen, but it's articulated with more than twice the resolution, and up to 1/3200th of a second shutter vs 1/2000th second for those all important frozen action shots. with that being said 1/2000th is plenty fast, but it's always good to have the option of going faster, particularly if you're in very bright conditions.

    The Oly does have a much faster burst and higher resolution video but I think for stills the Canon may edge it. Particularly for holiday snapshots. You will probably find the huhuge zoom really useful. Here's a side-by-side spec comparison

    If you want to spend over twice as much have a look for a Sony RX100 V as they're basically the best point and shoot cameras around, but yeah... they're over twice as much
  5. Do you remember which lens(es) you used for these?
  6. Pretty sure they were all on my standard issue Nikkor AF-S 50 f/1.8G. I have a 24-85mm 3.5-4.5 but I really didn't know enough about wtf I was doing to warrant stopping and switching them out at the time. I truly winged it haha.
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    the 50/1.8 is a good shout for portraits tbh. I see you're getting the hang of the shallow depth of field the big aperture gives you!

    Far be it from me to critique someone else's work, not being a pro myself, but I would say that it's critical to ensure you've focused on the eyes when using big apertures. Even if you miss focus by a relatively small amount the DoF is so shallow on full frame using large apertures that you may end up with sharp focus on a fringe, or cheeks, but soft eyes. it's difficult to control when you're shooting people but something to bear in mind.

    It's not necessarily something a client would notice much if at all, but if you're gonna start printing stuff people look at people's faces so if they're larger prints it may become obvious.

    This is along the lines of noticing that you're blinking manually. Sorry to do this to you, but it'll be on your mind forever now!
  8. i think disorder is looking for a discrete videographer
  9. Oh god, not a "consummation photographer", surely?

    This is apparently a new trend. I couldn't imagine anything more gross.
  10. it absolutely is, and i agree, but disorder is some kind of deviant
  11. i thought snapchat already had the consummation photography corner of the market covered
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Little warmer out now
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  14. That truck makes that dog look very small.
  15. did you have to tell that dog to stay
  16. Nope. She just enjoyed the shade that day. It was 28'c by noon.
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  17. The Nikon 750 is on sale next Saturday for 1000e. A bargain, but sadly I have not saved for an upgrade just now.
  18. Great job !! Love the photo with the dog kissing
  19. Argentina in february :

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  20. Random camping stuff (ghost pluz, kamloops etc)
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  21. [​IMG]
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  22. I wonder what that tent thing looks like from other angles when it's open.

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