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  1. Just ambient light is enough. I have a couple thousand lumens of lamps in this room, so it stays well charged. I left it on my sofa under a cushion for some time recently and the battery depleated, but leaving it by the window when I went to work got it up to 100% again.

    Only 99% at the moment, but it is charging. The graph rarely dips low at all.

  2. That's pretty dope
  3. I'm expecting the battery to die completely at some point but it doesn't show any sign of that yet. I'm pretty happy with it.
  4. get a haircut hippy
  5. Tomorrow!
  6. I've been using a Sony A7R for the past 4-5 months. Love it.

    Current lenses
    Mikonen 50mm F0.95
    Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 (canon mount, pretty much manual focus only but I can control aperture)
    Pentax 135mm F2.5
    VIvitar 70-210 F3.5

    12mm at full frame with that sigma is a delight.
  7. Sample at 12mm.
    -Friends of mine at a bottle share

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  8. ive been thinking of getting an a7 of some sort for my m mount glass
    but then the snowball keeps rolling and i think about digital m…
  9. Im really happy with the A7r but I wish I had the second generation. I thought I'd hate the electronic viewfinder but honestly its been one of my favorite things about switching to mirrorless. I love that I can stop down the lens and see what the sensor would see, with correct exposure. I also love being able to select menu options and review photos through the evf on a bright day; using the rear screen with all the glare and everything was a huge pain in the ass and I never knew how nice it was to not have to worry about that.
  10. Mitakon?
  11. Oh yea, i knew I should have double checked that.
  12. Anyone know what this is?

    Screenshot of a Top Gear behind-the-scenes video. Mounted inside the Mini the celebrities race.

  13. just looks like some form of dslr in a cage on a magic arm
  14. Canon dial?
  15. Love that lens. Such a deal for the money. Shame it's stuck on their cheapest dSLR in my case. Main reason I even have the camera.
  16. I have to start using this

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    Walper photo archives : Facebook
    (Can't link my stuff right now because wife banned me from Facebook)

    EDIT: I went to SEMA in November, at least check out those pictures.
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    Veyronman, that camera you posted was hard to find... I'm still looking, but I found this off of Blackmagic's website
  19. I can't believe I wasted an hour finding this for you... its a Lumix/Panasonic
  20. Nice work. It's interesting to see what sort of gear can provide acceptable quality footage for TV these days.
  21. GH4's are amazing. You could legitimately use one for a full indie film and no one would bad an eyelid. I'd rather shoot video on a GH4 than a 5D2.
  22. Have an opportunity to buy my friend's lightly used Fuji X-T10, and it has a pretty nice 18-55 lens. He wants 700 for it and that seems sorta reasonable to me. I don't really want the lens, I just want the body because I like the idea of farting around town with a reasonably small camera and a couple of primes and not having to carry a big clunky DSLR around. Would just be using it with my pentax primes on an adapter, but I don't think he's gonna sell it without also selling the lens.
  23. Is that the 2.8-4 OIS lens? A new X-T10 kit with that lens over here is like, $1400 equiv, so $700 sounds like a good deal for "lightly used"
  24. Yeah, that's the lens.

    The new kit here is only 899 new from Adorama or B&H. "Gently used" in this case is what a professional might call gently used as opposed to someone who babies their stuff, but there seems to be absolutely nothing wrong with it. Maybe I need to just cough up the cash. I guess it would be nice to have at least one lens that is stabilized and auto focuses.
  25. Did the prudent thing and got just the body. 450 for the body with a spare battery. I dont yet have the adapter but ive had a play with it and tripped through the menus and spun all the dials.

    This looks like itll be interesting. Im used to having modes like aperture or shutter or sensitivity or whatever. Im sure ill be fine since im really just shooting manual with adapted lenses, but if i did grab an X mount lens or two im not really even dure how that would work. It seems like you only get A priority or M, but there is a shutter dial too. I guess it would just take some getting used to.

    Im glad you can put ISO on a button tho. Cant do that on my pentax body.

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