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  1. This'll be my weekend

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    Went out and took some photos this evening. I got there too late really, but I'm reasonably happy with these. ish. Since I upgraded to Win10 the version of Photoshop I was using *cough* doesn't work so yeah forgive the weird pink/purple cast. I haven't been able to fiddle with the white balance etc. I don't think the ND grad I used is particularly "N"

    Click for big
    1/8s @ f/11. ISO 200. 40D, EF-S 10-18mm
    1/4s @ f/8, ISO 100, 40D, EF 70-210mm
    2s @ f/8, ISO 500, 40D, EF-S 10-18mm

    EDIT: As it turns out, the ND grad I used wasn't an ND grad. It was a graduated mauve filter, hence the pink/purple. I'll have to go back with some actual grey ones.

    EDIT2: I have uploaded better versions now I've got Photoshop working. Tried to make them less mauve. I crop to 16:9 purely because I want to use them as desktop wallpapers!
  3. It's not true to eye, but I don't mind the mauve filter on these shots. I'd perhaps roll with it and bump up the greens a touch to match, but the colour palette is nice.
  4. Yeah I think I like the first one more than the others. The pink is growing on me
  5. The first one is scifi/fantasy in a nice way. Nice landscape too.
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  6. If anyone is wondering, yes I did drive on that road. It's fkin awesome!

    Bottomed the car out a couple of times though - some proper big bumps
  7. your old volvo?
  8. Nah man I've not had a Volvo for 6 years! I'm driving one of these at the moment (mk3 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi "LX")

    except I only have one wheel trim, and I haven't cleaned it in probably 9 months.
  9. I've really lost my eye in the last 2 years and I'm finding this trip so hard because I just don't want to shoot.
    But today I put three rolls through my camera and it feels like it's coming back to me.
    Feels goodman.
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  10. Yeah I've been struggling with getting back into shooting for a long time now. I've just been feeling like whatever I come home with won't be good enough and I'm worried that I'll just be disappointed with myself so I've shyed away from it.

    Also the last time I really took a lot of photos that I was happy with, I was pretty fucked up, so for a few years I just felt broken.

    I went out to the above location completely on a whim yesterday, and I really enjoyed myself.

  11. whoa LX stands for luxury right?

    is 'wheel trim' a hubcap? take those things off!
  12. Lol It's pretty much poverty-spec, but I think the 1.8 petrol is the slowest one. It has cruise control and a heated windscreen, though! Oh, and an electric height adjustment on the driver's seat - Luxury indeed. You'll appreciate this - I put Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres on it. There's actually quite a nice sports saloon chassis under there. I think with some slightly better shocks and springs It'll come alive. Just a shame about the engine.

    I'm actually going to buy some more wheel trims/hubcaps in the next week or so. They protect the hubs!

    EDIT: they all fell off quite some time ago when I was delivering Chinese food for a living. blasting over speed bumps dislodged them all, and the one left is the only one with a zip-tie on it
  13. holy shit you put a nearly 1k set of tires on that car
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    Is it possible to just *buy* lightroom anymore? I don't want to pay over £100 a year minimum to subscribe to the creative cloud shit. I just want to buy a piece of software once, then install and use and that's it.

    EDIT: nvm. Amazon.
  15. I'm telling you man, they've transformed it. Plus I got them for £71 each fitted, so I couldn't *not* get them.
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    I got photoshop working again. Tried a different crop this time to get some of the movement in the foreground (it was very fkin windy) but as the slope I was on was pretty steep there isn't much of it in shot. A bit less mauve.


    For those interested, Canon 40D, Canon EF-S 10-18mm, 1/8s @ f/11, ISO 200
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  17. To be honest, I do have over 20 undeveloped rolls of Tri X I've shot in the past 6-9 months I guess, but work's been so insane for the last 18 months, and I can't use a camera at work, that I'm just out of practice I think. I've always been disappointed in my photos so that doesn't change, but these days I seem to get disappointed in my in-camera composition. This holiday's been great, and I think I've found a bit f my eye again in the last week or so. Just doing nothing and traveling slow has been great.

    That location looks sweet by the way! Try and get out more when you have the time. New surroundings (as I think you know) can get inspiring.
  18. And you were moaning at me for not developing *my* film. I suppose... mine are 6 years old now. Good to practice on I suppose!

    Yeah as I was out there it dawned on me in a ridiculous way that "hurr durr you need to actually go places huurrrrr". That was only about an hour away (without me taking wrong turns) and there's plenty in the surrounding area so I definitely plan to check out a few more spots round there. I've been using google maps and street view to figure some spots out. It's quite useful in that way!
  19. Hah, at least I have binders of (shitty) negs to back up my peer pressure ;)

    Going places really is such an integral part of photography. Spending money on a reason to shoot is better than a new piece of gear 90% of the time. I've enjoyed taking photos of family holidays since I was about 7. I credit my parents for giving me wunderlust and also for buying me a couple of rolls of film everytime we went somewhere which solidified this waste of money hobby for me.
  20. just chillin' on the couch
  21. DSC_5838.jpg DSC_5956.jpg

    Didn't do much photography on my trip
  22. You photographed a volcanic eruption? Thats like one of the bit harder cases on the to do list. :)
  23. Even better. I've been in a crater. Hardest, most dangerous thing i've ever done. The blue stuff in the background is sulfur burning up. It's like a huge gas pit


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