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  1. thats really cool
    kinda surreal, that second picture
  2. Just left Kathmandu. Found it really hard to photograph there in the state it's currently in. Spent most of my time with my film camera though, so don't have much in the way of digital to show for it…

  3. In Bosnia those hills would be pyramids.
  4. I believe those hills are the results of past mining activity in the area
  5. So why did you find it hard to photograph there?
  6. That last photo's from here in Kyoto.

    Kathmandu was just depressing compared to what I'm used to there. My friends place has uuge cracks in it. All the squares in the city have fences around all the (fallen) pagodas. Buildings are braced by chunks of wood sticking out into the streets. And the worst thing is the people are (understandably) sad / struggling emotionally. They always did struggle financially but had a knack of smiling it off. I found the same thing - albeit on a smaller scale - in Christchurch after their quake.

    I probably need to brush up on my emotional struggle photography.
  7. So much cliche tourism…

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  8. Oh yeah, I actually recognize that little Kyoto alley now that you said that. Or maybe they all look alike. Isn't that where people come to see geishas at night?
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    Went to the Peak District again.

    Got there too late, again.

    Still, I quite liked this one

    Standing where the climber is meant I could do a pretty good impression of Moonwalker. the wind was RIDICULOUS
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  10. is he on a cliff
    i never stand on cliffs, and if I do peak ovver the edge I keep turning my head to make sure a crazy guy isnt running up behind me to shove me over
    I do this in subways as well
  11. Yeah that's the edge. I'd say it's probably a 50-60ft drop. Because of the wind it felt like you'd have to have a good go at throwing yourself off to actually manage it.
  12. Tried a different edit/crop. Still not sure. Apologies for spam


    I really need to start using an actual PC monitor for this stuff.
  13. I don't really take photos anymore, but I took this one a week ago and thought it was cool

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  14. Yeah, Indonesia is pretty awesome. Great food, great nature, friendly people etc.

    The only downside i could find is the traffic. Oh god, the traffic.
  15. 13620254_10157250938050096_4372872471892835245_n.jpg

    Here's another shot that i took, but with my phone.
  16. That's amazing.
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    I thought I'd try some vertical stuff. It felt pretty awkward tbh but that's probably just me being a bit clumsy. Tripods are not wieldy. I had to crop out a leg!. There's some heavy Photoshopping on #3. It's cool to see what can be pulled out of a raw image, though. Never really worked with raw much until recently. ACR is pretty amazing.

    Flickr for full size

    IMG_7162.jpg IMG_7165.jpg IMG_7171.jpg IMG_7171_original.jpg
  18. That second one's really nice. Framing leads your eyes through the scene well.

    I find portrait orientation just awkward these days too. It's not so bad when I'm shooting LF because the format's so close to square, but 35mm I just don't bother these days. 99% of anything I shoot is landscape orientation.
  19. Also, did some macro shit for the first time in ages because I'm still in the honeymoon stages with my watch…


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  20. Thanks man. The second one is actually cropped out of a landscape orientation image. The entire left side of the original was just full of nothing on second inspection, so I figured since the other two I'd picked out were portrait I'd give it a go. I'm pleased it worked

    I don't think I gave myself enough time to explore and find lines for the other two, but I had more time than the previous two outings so it was a much more relaxing experience, I'm starting to feel more at ease with it again. I think the serene weather helped - tshirt and shorts ftw.

    EDIT: What kind of watch is that?
  21. Yeah, slow methodical shooting always yields better results for me too. It's something I've struggled with a lot recently. I feel like I've been struggling shooting 35mm in the last little while, but then again I have 24 undeveloped rolls so maybe there's something worthwhile in them…

    It's a Grand Seiko, Seiko's fancy pants 'brand'. Not really very well known outside of Japan, which is half the appeal.

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