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  1. Wow! that's insanely cool! Really looks out of this world, what an experience it must have been :eek:
  2. Yeah it was! Smelled terrible though :p
  3. I keep reading "pornography thread".
  4. no reason it cant be both
  5. You should switch movie industries.
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  7. 别客气
  8. Both taken by my brother. Not myself
  9. Those fuckers are in my neighbourhood. I saw one of them walking through my street. Not happy about that at all, since they get under your hood and chew away.
  10. Is that bear shitting?
  11. Mmmmmmaybe......

    She was actually squatting over a fish she carried up the hill.
  12. We like having them around cause they are savage little murderers. They like to kill packrats and rabbits and other such rodents. I'd rather them dig a hole under my deck than the packrats destroying inside the walls and wiring and stuff. And the packrats get into the planes and boats too. So weasels and Martins are always a welcome site.
  13. coool
    are you scared of bears where you live?
    like is that a thing you have to be worried about if you have to leave your house?
  14. Not really. These photos are all from at the lodge. Which is a 4 hour Cessna flight from our home base.
  15. Time lapse with iPhone video I made today!

  16. I like Botson.
  17. So bears do it too

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    Yes they do. Pretty sure there is a French canadian under this one
  19. I'm sure plenty of you saw this on Facebook but I like it.


    I actually used my old Nikon D50 and 50/1.8 for this, with a bunch of extension rings and a reversing ring. The two surprisingly cheap speeedlights I got from eBay really helped. I used a black table and silver reflector almost flat above, although I found out the next day (with a different wasp) that using the black side of the 5-in-1 worked much better for making the background fully black. Even at f/16 with the set up I used the depth of field is pretty narrow so I'm going to try again at some point once I've figured out a way of doing some focus stacking.

    When I find a dead spider I'll post another one.

    My sensor is really filthy.

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