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  1. Every time I have enough cash for a 135mm f/2 I get distracted and buy something else. Like today for instance, I almost bought an aluminum truck canopy instead of the lens. Glad to say I didn't as this lens is perfect.
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  2. I used this shot for another exercise in trying to learn lightroom a bit better.

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    I really like your pics, the scenery etc, and they also really show how much you love your truck. Which is weird because its like the camera and the subject are making hot love
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  4. Really gave yourself a tough one to work with. Shooting into the sun with real dark shadows. It's probably a great test to see what your camera's dynamic range is like, and how much detail can be pulled out of the shadows
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    Again if you've got me on Facebook/Instagram/Flickr you've already seen this, but still. I liked it


    Flickr for fullsize

    There's something about the combination of D50 and nifty fifty that means I'll probably never sell it. That, and it's not worth anything these days. The only thing that really is a negative I guess is the low resolution (2000*3008px full size) so I can't really get large high quality prints made. Well, I could, but I don't think I'd be happy with them.
  6. I'll be camping out at a dark sky preserve this weekend. I've given myself 36 hours to build a star-tracking rig from spare parts I have around the apartment. Failure is eminent, but I still might manage a good picture or two.

  7. Does the rig have a preset rotational speed, or did you install some sensors in it?
  8. corporate coffee

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  9. Testing an embedding method to link from google photos at different sizes. Hopefully this works... One of my favorite pictures from the trip, though I missed on the focus. I still enjoy looking at it.

  10. The gearmotor I had on hand has a magnetic encoder. My minimum motor speed is something like 200 RPM. With my gear reduction, that's some 80 times too fast. So in reality I'll be telling it to advance a quarter rotation every 5 seconds or something silly like that, so the encoder is required.

    In time I might try to rig up something a little less fucking ridiculous.
  11. You didnt miss. ;)

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  12. I still have not built that rotating rig from my technic legos.
  13. I need to shoot more and post here more.

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  14. went back to the immortal medium. been too lazy to develop many many handrolls. 04340003.JPG
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  15. Yes on both counts
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  16. The electronics didn't wanna work so well in the cold (was about -5C off the lake), so these are just straight off a regular tripod. Might try again in the summer.

  17. Those are great. How far away were you from those cities/light sources?
  18. The light sources on the horizon are the cities of Edmonton and Fort Saskachewan, about 35km and 15km away, respectively.
  19. Somebody was possibly chilling in elk island. I was tempted to go there saturday night, but got invited to a pub.
  20. nikon fm2, cheapy 50mm f2.

    edit: but don't quote me. these are kinda older shots.
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  21. Still got your 'blad?
  22. Yup. Still a paper weight.

    The shutter broke, and as far as I can tell there isn't anyone left on the planet would will touch the early ones (focal plane shutter). I haven't looked for a while. The last time I did one particular guy's name kept coming up in relation to the 1600F and 1000F, but honestly I think he's probably dead now. I even contacted Hasselblad and they said they don't work on them any more.

    Gonna get an adaptor to use the lens on my DSLR.
  23. That's a shame. I knew of a guy in yorkville illinois who knew the mechanical cameras pretty well, and my nikon was a speciality of his. i was having trouble with a bad meter. Like a swiss trained watchsmith, he can charge whatever he wants for his skills at this point, which in my case was going to be $230. Nooope!

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