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  1. "borrowed" it back to "move stuff"
  2. lol you drive a truck and complain about build quality.
  4. So installed new rims, tires for my Canyon. Found a service bulletin online, checked into it and GM did a cylinder head replacement free of charge! So yeah the major issue with I5 engines is now fixed with this truck.

    Went to a local fab shop and ordered new tow mounts and shackles to replace the lame ass factory hooks in the front. I also ordered in a new receiver for the hitch with recovery shackles to cover the other side.

    Also purchased some bushwacker fender flares today to offset the crazy ass backspace I get from these Pro Comp rims.

    Next up on the shopping list: Long tube headers, ported throttlebody, Cold air intake, MBRP exhaust and a tune.

    After that, maybe a bigger lift then the 2" I have planned in the near future. I did buy a lift kit, got it cheap but sold it to buy other stuff more "useful" for this truck

    edit: 1st picture is with tow mounts and flares installed!
  5. Lose the tacky grille right #$%#ing now.
  6. amg post that gay guy that rode you
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  8. He did. First pic is the after pic. Check the tow hooks and fenders.
  9. This isn't mine but I took some photos for a friend who is selling his ST1100

    I'll be sad to see it go because I've been a passenger for probably over 1000 miles on that bike. on the other hand he's looking at replacing it with a VTR shortly before I get my bike on the road so we can possibly go on a bit of a road trip

    EDIT: just noticed the #$%#ing tree growing out of it. ughhh
  10. Burns valves like a mofo

    like srsly aLL of them do
  11. Non-bent forks for my bike. Shouldn't be too long before I'm on the road <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    EDIT: just had a look, and it appears as though I have all the necessary tools to do the work myself. I may be attempting this tomorrow.
  12. got my hands dirty for the first time in a long while today. All I need now is a headlight and I reckon it would pass inspection!

    EDIT: ignore the bricks... it was all I had around <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>. In my defence, the bike wasn't actually resting on them in that pic as it was resting on the centre stand and the rear wheel.
  13. Ignoring the bricks, but those forks??? Have I missed something, they dont bend like that without serious accident?
  14. yeah the previous owner must have gone head-on into something. It's why the bike was so cheap! everything else works perfectly save for the headlight which is the last thing I need to replace to get it on the road, then after that it's just replacing a bunch of the fairing that was damaged.

    Unfortunately green doesn't appear to be a particularly common colour on the VFR (not as common as red, at least!) so I may have to do some painting of bits I find on eBay.

    Somewhat related, that may include the single seat cowl, because the previous owner cut two holes in it in order to install some rubbish aftermarket luggage rack. I called the Honda dealer to find out how much a brand new one is... £130! I shudder to think what they'd ask for for other panels.
  15. I bought a set of original fairings including the headlight but excluding tail for 350 euros. Parts were used, but not damaged. Might paint them for future use. It is however nice to have the bike in its slightly damaged state, as theres less to worry, small dents are a whatever as long as I dont damage the frame or tank.
  16. Yeah I have a small (1cm) crease in the tank which annoys me every time I see it but as I didn't do it, and whilst there are many parts on the bike that need attention before it, I'm not too bothered.

    Once I get everything else perfect I'm sure it will bug the hell out of me!
  17. My new bike! GS500F.

    So loving it at the moment!
  18. Do you give it the thumbs up?


    Looks gr8 m8, enjoy!
  19. congtars. That is a nice looking bike!

    I passed my test today <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> Should be on the road by the end of the week if I can get my MOT test booked for friday morning, which happily coincides with pay day.

  20. "Like"

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  21. Cheers guys. The previous owner who is a good mate of mine basically left it in perfect condition, so yeah it gets thumbs up lol.

    Nice work on the licence Veyronman!
  22. This weekend has been awesome. scary, but awesome.

    Saw a McLaren too!

    Ignore the duct tape.
  23. How much was your bike?
    I'm starting to look through eBay classifieds haha
  24. £800 for the bike and I've spent about £300 getting it back on the road so far (cat C write off. needed forks, headlight, various fairing)

    It's nowhere near perfect but it's a work in progress. it has scratches all over it and duct tape to stop bits rattling, but it's only just gone over 14,000 miles so mechanically it's pretty bang-on. Sailed through it's MOT with no issues.
  25. Nice. My upgraded license in the mail so I'm starting to look at bikes too

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